So far I have written a number of posts.

I've talked about balance, calm, walking your truth and other topics.

I've given top tips and motivation techniques, and what I hope have been inspirational posts or ideas.

But today is a wee bit different.

None of the rest matters if you are not practicing allowance.

It's not a new concept, but one we often forget to put effort into. Allowing. Allowing the beautiful things to come forward, to accept them into your life, and allowing them to bring forward your truth.

Allowance is a key aspect for bringing forward your dreams, and manifestation. I mean think about it, we are told not to worry about the how, to let go of control and trust the process will take care of your dreams… but that trust must be allowed.

You must allow the universe to present opportunities to you, you must allow yourself to accept them. You must allow yourself to feel love, to feel gratitude, and to be in the moment.

You must allow the process to take place, but you must allow yourself to feel worthy for the outcome too.

We are all worthy of our dreams, I mean we are not created not to achieve. We are created to experience, to enhance our world and global and universal views and to create beautiful realities exactly as we want them to be.

If you having be working hard on manifesting something in particular I challenge you, have you been allowing it to come through?

Have you been open to opportunities that will get you what you want?

Have you been accepting new opportunities or change?

Have you been allowing?

Now is the time to allow greatness to come through, allow yourself to walk your truth. Allow.


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