Coaching Challenge

Wow what a whirlwind couple of weeks it has been. As you may have noticed the Zoetic Dawn blog hasn’t had an update for a few weeks.


Truth is, I needed a break. My body gave out and I got sick, but I am back now, ready to kick ass once again… and with a new found sense of determination in the area of butt-kicking!


This month I am all about showing up. Showing up and facing your fears, and defining what you want. I am all for not being afraid to acknowledge how awesome you are! I am all in for experiences and creating memories that allow me to grow as a coach but also as a person.


I am here to do the work, and allow the opportunities to come.


I am showing up to co-create my reality. To co-create my life.


Are you?


As we head into another weekend, I thought it appropriate that my first post back from break was a challenge.


It’s simple, yet complex – much like life itself – takes trust. Trust in your truth, your ability to articulate your desires, and trust in the process.


This weekend, define what you want, and I don’t mean airy fairy pie in the sky stuff. Front up and state what you want. Feel it, know that it is coming to you, and allow it to show up.


Think about what you will do when it presents itself. How will you celebrate that success? How will you show gratitude for the opportunity? How will you feel when your co-creation comes to existence.


Because as cheesy as it sounds, the power is all yours. You are living no-one else’s story but your own, so why do you allow others to write it for you?


It’s time to show up and go for what you want. But first, it is important to know what it is you want right? So what is it? Define it, and don’t be afraid to shout it from the rooftops, if it is your truth it will come in the most natural of ways.

All to often we get consumed with what others will think. We judge ourselves assuming that others will make the same comments. We assume that by wanting something we are living from our ego.

The truth is we are not. Our ego wants to shut us down, our ego wants to hold us back, because our ego, frankly, likes a bit of a power trip.

This weekend, tell someone what you want, tell them the truth of your dreams, what you want to achieve, be, see, feel, experience.

Open yourself up to the possibility of it – more than that – open yourself up to recieve it. Allow your dreams to be created… for they aren’t just dreams.

Consider them a set of instructions for the universe. The universe works for you, a shared exchange of energy, creation and allowance to empower you to speak, walk, act your truth.

Empowering you to be you. But you have to show up to do it.


This weekend is the only beginning, show up. Speak your truth, know it, feel it, acknowledge and thank it. Your reality is waiting to be written, the instructions need to articulated.

Are you ready?


Over the next fews weeks I will be hosting some freebies in the Zoetic Dawn Inner Circle Facebook group… come check us out 😉 and if you are interested in our monthly newsletter you can sign up here 😉 

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