Monday Motivation

Monday Motivation

Really this blog should be titled Sunday completely hit a wall unmotivated.

The energy of today has been hugely up and down and in an attempt to listen to my inner compass… I was anything but motivated to write.

I struggled with the topic, I struggled with the words… my backspace and delete buttons got more action than any others.

So I reached out for help. See, as well as the blog and Facebook page I also run a small Facebook Group (Zoetic Dawn Inner Circle). This little group of people provide me daily with inspiration, so as I outright asked for topics, I considered my motivation to even put words to paper.

But despite that I started pondering motivation. How do we find motivation, when even looking for motivation is… well simply demotivating in itself?

How do we find motivation when we hit the brick wall?

Fact one: everyone has moments where they can’t be bothered. It’s okay. Acknowledge it and release it. There is no need to hold onto it. Being mad about demotivation is pointless. It does nothing but gives fuel to the vehicle of demotivation.

Fact two: motivation and inspiration looks different for everyone. Looking out the window at nature can be inspiring for some, and not for others. Words on a page forming sentences to describe contexts and more, can support someone to find their niche, for others it is a boring task. What I write here may resonate it may not, and that’s okay.

So what I thought I would do is write down 2 or 3 things I find incredibly useful to hit get shit done. How I find motivation when I cannot be bothered… how I keep going even though a nap sounds amazing.

1. Redefine the goals – take a moment to look at what I want and why I am actually doing it. If the goal itself continues to feel disjointed, fails to sit right within my own sense of self then it is time to reevaluate the goal. When I think this is the case I spend some time on my own. The possible outcomes of the goals should excite, motivate and inspire me. If it doesn’t it’s time to review what I’m looking for.

2. Ask for help – we never have to do things alone. Today I asked for inspiration and was not left hanging in anyway shape or form. Don’t be afraid to ask someone else for their advice, guidance or viewpoint. Get the discussion going and see where it leads.

3. Go on an adventure – it’s okay to take a break to reconfigure yourself. Be it motivation for house cleaning or writing or work or exercise, if the task at hand seems to daunting switch your attention to something else if only for a moment. Go outside. Make a new friend, go for a walk, find a new cafe. Whatever it looks like for you, don’t be afraid to find something for you.

4. Take a break – now I get this can be counterproductive but it is so crucial. Everyone needs a moment to themselves. To take a deep breath and realign. Don’t be afraid to do it. In doing so you might find that motivation anyway 😉

5. Listen to yourself. Spend sometime listening to that inner compass. Allow it to guide you, to focus you, to find the answers, for deep down you know them.

So there are a few tips to finding motivation – and I would like to finish the blog with a challenge…

Make a list of three things you find inspiring – a specific author, a friend, a movie. Three things you can keep up your sleeve the next time the brick wall reappears…

A list to keep things ticking ♥️

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