Mindefulness – getting into the zone

Monday Mindfulness – Getting into the Zone

It’s funny – I had this idea for a blog post – yet when push comes to show I know what I want to say… but cannot find the words.

Which given what I want to say is ironic. So rather than getting all wound up about what I could say, how I could change everything, or what I feel about what I write, I’m giving in and allowing my fingers to take over.

This post is probably then going to be full of errors – but the intent and energy within it will get the message across. Sometimes ya just gotta have a little faith.

And ironically that’s what this post is all about – getting into the zone and allowing your own self to guide the journey.

After all, mindfulness is a term, which can mean anything for anyone. For me mindfulness acknowledges the importance of being in the moment. Of allowing your truth to shine and going with what is needed at that time. Mindfulness is being aware of your human needs, your soul needs, your emotional, physical and mental needs. Mindfulness is accepting and using all aspects of self to gain and maintain momentum as the world continues to shift around you.

Mindfulness is allowing your true mind, your soul mind to take the wheel for awhile, enjoying all that comes from walking your truth.

Yet sometimes getting into that zone of mindfulness can be a challenge. We are distracted daily by tasks or commitments, let alone the aspects of human life that can take us by surprise. So today I wanted to cover by top 3 tips for getting into the zone.

1. acknowledge and release – a lot of the time, well for me anyway, I struggle to get in the zone because I am caught up with something else. Be in emotion or tasks I find the easiest way to release it, is to acknowledge that it is present. If I can deal with whatever the distraction is then I do so, if I can’t I acknowledge that at this time I need to shift my focus, I acknowledge it exists and allow myself time to forget it knowing I will return when needed.

2. Drawing/writing/creating – it isn’t a secret but I love stationery. Pretty stationery, new, colourful all of it. I love doodling and drawing, writing and pondering, allowing the clutter a way to get out of my head… so when I need too I take myself to a quiet spot with some music, ideally sunshine and a hot cuppa to reset my buttons, allowing the concerns to come out, so I can continue to move forward.

3. If I can – I will get outside. I get horrendous hay fever (my face has been on fire all day today) so if I can’t I find some wood inside to fidget with 🙂 ) but it’s about resets my energy, realigning with truth, and love, realigning to my highest good.

Now those are my tips for getting into the zone, there are so many different ways, and a lot of it depends on the purpose.

The trick is to do what you need. There is no one size fits all model, rather a vast array of wonderful tools that you can add to your toolbox at any stage…

What tool do you use?

2 thoughts on “Mindefulness – getting into the zone

  1. A nose that is Māori says:

    I got into the zone today & coffee stained some new healing sticks I’d made a few weeks ago. They look freaking awesome. Am going to purchase some varnish stuff and see how the coffee stain holds after a first coat of varnish.

    I also made a double headed beater for one of my shaman drums. I felt really grounded and like I was being of use.

    Tomorrow I’m going to work out how to create a handle on the back of another drum.

    Liked by 1 person

    • ZoeticDawn says:

      I love this so much! Not only effective “busy work” but beautiful balanced busy work. Enough soulness and enough humanness to make it a beautiful experience ♥️ thank you for sharing


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