Creating Your Space

One of the best pieces of advice for my own development I ever received was the importance of creating my own space. It was a concept I struggled with for a long time, as I attempted to create my own physical space. Where could I put all my bits and bobs out where miss 3 can’t get them? Where can I create a physical space that allows me moments of peace undisturbed? Where? Where? Where?

Frankly it seemed too damned hard. There was always someone around, little fingers to touch things and too much noise or silence that I just couldnt physically work out what that would look like, let alone where.

Then one day I clicked.

I had been creating my own space since I was younger. My daydreams of the beach, lake or waterfalls. My moments of peace within my own head allowing my mind to wander and skip down the yellow brick road. The ornate beautiful door that I would open in mind to unlock the imagination room I created.

It was all there, created, whole and exactly what I needed.

So, off I went, finding some nice meditative music to guide me… and it was all still there. The yellow brick road, the poppies (can you tell I love the Wizard of Oz), the smell of the flowers, and the forest to my right. The sunset and running water. The door, the room, the peace.

All still there, just as it was in my daydream.

Your space doesn’t have to be a physical thing. It is a feeling, a sense of being completely at ease with your surrounding, yes your physical, but your mental as well. Our mind is a wondrous thing, a powerful thing, and often wears the brunt of our unhappiness. We blame it for thinking negative thoughts. We criticise it for the moment of jealousy, we demean and belittle it for forgetting to pick up the milk.

Yet there is our mind, creating our space so that we can be truly wrapped in unconditional love. So that we may experience our daydreams in a meaningful way, so that we may be at peace, in our space, created by us, for us.

So I thought I would write out a few questions, hopefully to empower you to remember your space, or create it if you haven’t already?

  1. Did/do you daydream? If yes, where did you go? What did it feel like? Do you remember?
  2. Where is your favourite place now? What do you feel like when you visit or think of it? What did it look like, smell like?
  3. If you could create a place now in your mind, what does that look like?
  4. If you could be surrounded by a feeling now, what does that feel like?

Are you ready?

Spend sometime this week daydreaming, it is truly one of the most effective ways to lift your spirits, take yourself to your place, created for you by you. Where you see, hear, taste and smell all your favourite thing.

The world is a magical place, it stimulates us daily, and our mind is even more vast and expansive than the world around us. Our mind can be our place.

Follow the yellow brick road.. or you know, the white rabbit 😉


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