Coaching Challenge

Wow! It has been awhile since I wrote a coaching challenge.

This week I have been reading a lot about transformational coaching, or rather coaching to understand the why.

Why we behave the way we do, where our beliefs are generated from, why we think what we think about ourselves… or more prevalent, why we get in our way.

And, it inspired this weeks coaching challenge… albeit a bit of a toughy..

But really it is quite simple. Next time you feel something you do not enjoy, next time you are doing something you do not love, next time you are faced with something that provides a negative response, ask yourself…. why.

  • Why do it if it doesn’t feel right? What is motivating your choices?
  • Do you have to? If so, why?
  • Can you change it? If not… you guessed it why?

This week is about reflection. Because every coin has two sides…

so lets throw in a how as well…

Next time you feel joy stop and ask yourself…

  • How can I maintain this feeling?
  • How can I honour myself?
  • How can I experience more joy?

Often, to make substantial change, to see the biggest growth we have to be honest, and understand why…

With love,


P.S while it is a coaching challenge, go easy on yourself… you don’t need all the answers, rather lets just start asking the question… don’t allow fear of the why hold you back from understanding the answer ❤

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