When to push and when to rest.

This blog is a little different – more a blog about my story or rather lessons than a how to.

Recently I found myself getting a cold, the down side? I had a full on week ahead.

Meetings and activities, for both myself and my daughter left me somewhat bewildered as how I was going to push through it all.

See, a had a lot on at work, I had a lot on at home and few things for Zoetic Dawn I wanted to accomplish – on top of the normal story of being a wife, a mother, a friend, a daughter and so on.

I am sure many of you can relate to this situation.

And in that moment of doubt I heard my own inner compass call to me.

It will be okay.

You will be okay.

You will find time for it all.

You will accomplish all you need too.

Just have a little faith.

In that moment it was like clarity. I saw what steps I needed to take, how to prioritise everything to ensure I more than managed but also excelled.

In that moment I realised if I ask for help, it can come from unexpected places… this time found it came from internal sources and external sources.

Originally I had prioritised my workload resulting in this very post being down on the list.

Instead I listened to my body and had a nap (I am incredibly blessed to have a husband and support system that allows me to do this).

When I woke much later than expected I panicked:

How would I get dinner sorted in time?

Little miss needs a bath.

Schedule for next week needs to be sorted.

But that same inner compass kicked in to remind me that I would get everything done.

So here I am, typing this on my phone, while watching little miss splash around with dinner in the oven.

That’s the thing – sometimes you need to push through, other times you need to push back.

But there isn’t an easy way to know which to do and when.

But listen to your own inner compass and let your self guide the way.

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