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Refreshing and Redefining Your Story

If you follow Zoetic Dawn Coaching on Facebook, or Instagram, then you may know, that as a Business, Zoetic Dawn has just turned one. It is an achievement that has rolled around so quickly, that honestly I cannot believe it has arrived.

I started Zoetic Dawn in response to my own desires and needs. I desired to help others. I need to do that from a holistic standpoint.

Zoetic Dawn is my way of providing support, guidance and coaching services in a way that aligns with my own sense of self.

Over the last twelve months, a lot has changed. Both in my personal and business  life, things change constantly. Because really, the only consistent thing in life is change. Change is a constant.

I used to have a need to control that change. To control the multiple options and potential outcomes. My back up plans had back up plans.

Yet over the last twelve months my desire to have plans upon plans upon more plans has dwindled. I have experimented, my design, tones and focus of life have shifted, sometimes multiple times within a day. So here we are, twelve months later, with a very different look and feel than what launched on the 11th of November 2016.

But, I couldn’t be happier. Because with each change, each shift, I had the opportunity to grow. To decide what I liked, and what I didn’t. Along the way I have found new people to share my experiences with, I have found new interests, increased my passions and cemented my own thoughts… but ask me tomorrow and it may change again! And that is what today’s post is about.

I am allowed to change. I am allowed to grow, to adapt, to reconsider and release things I once held dearly.

And so are you.

Often it is so damn easy for us to wind up holding onto beliefs that no longer resonate with us, for fear of releasing them. They served us well once, so we hold on to them in anticipation of when they will serve us again. One of the hardest, but best lessons I learnt over the last twelve months was to accept that just as I change, so do the things I hold dear. The notion of change being constant, has helped me redefine my own story this year. By accepting that my own story is the true thing I have a say over, and that everything shifts and moves, I am no longer afraid of changing my story, be it mid chapter, mid paragraph or mid word.

So to celebrate the fresh new perspective of myself, and of Zoetic Dawn I wanted to give my Top 3 Tips for Redefining Your Story.

  1. Accept that your story is YOUR story, not EVERYONE’s story.  Seriously – it might sound ridiculously blunt, but your story is just yours. Yes we all have major or minor characters within it, just as we play characters within the stories of others, but the reality is that your story is yours. The weave and interact with others, but you are not responsible for anyone else’s story. You cannot write their words, express their thoughts or control their actions. Just like no one can control yours. This is your story, and now is the time to own it.
  2. Acknowledge if your story thus far isn’t exactly what you had planned. I am not going to act like I haven’t questioned my path at all over the last twelve months. Those who know me well are well aware of my moments of doubt, my moments of exhaustion and confusion. What helped me most in those moments, wasn’t sitting there meditating that “It’s going to be okay” (if that works for you then great!), it was acknowledging that what was and had happened wasn’t what I wanted and be damned if I wasn’t going to change it. So…
  3. I made a decision and changed it. The reality is that is this experience of life, things are constantly moving. Somedays up, somedays down, somedays sideways and vertically and diagonally all at once. What hasn’t changed however, is my dedication to self. My commitment to my journey. My commitment to writing my own story.

You want to redefine your story? Then redefine it! You want to change the dialogue, then change it.

It isn’t easy to delete everything and start with a blank piece of paper, so think of it has recycling. A white piece of parchment, while crisp and clean, is boring after all. Allow your crinkles, and stains to show, for that are part of the story that has been written so far. You cannot erase everything, but you can write the words that follow.

It is a bit of a mindset shift, one from focusing on what has been to focusing on what is to come. But also, and perhaps more importantly, focussing on what is happening now. What memories do you want in this moment, do you want to remember the song you hear, the smell of your favourite food, the feel of the sun streaming on your face? What do you want in this moment right now?

Really, thats as good a place to start as any.

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