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Be In the Now – Coaching Challenge

Lately, it seems everyone I know is having similar challenges. They are on the treadmill of life so to speak, running, running, running and then running some more. All while asking themselves why? Why do I feel so tired? Why don’t I get a break? Why can I not just get on top of X, Y or Z?

So this week’s coaching challenge is all about throwing those why’s into the wind, and being in the moment.

See, while there is a time and a place for the treadmill, spending too long on it, results in our environment fading further and further into the background. Instead of providing us with stimuli and opportunities, we only focus on putting one foot in front of the other, that we begin to lose faith in the beauty around us.

Not this week. This week we are going to stop and acknowledge that beauty, more than that, we are going to acknowledge the beauty we radiate into our environment, as well as what the environment gives us.

So this weeks challenge is a journalling challenge – be it drawing, writing or even speaking with a friend. The method you use isn’t important. Simply that you take the time to reflect on your days.

  1. Over the next seven days you are going to spend time reflecting on your now. At the end of each day, or whenever works for you (it could be on the commute home, or over lunch, the time of day doesn’t really matter), ask yourself the following questions:
    1. What beauty did I experience today?
    2. What beauty did I demonstrate today?
    3. Am I being present today?
  2. Be honest with your answers. Really think about them as you consider the words to explain your response. Personally, I like to use time like this to reflect on positive emotions and experiences throughout the day. I focus on trying to recreate that same feeling of positive vibes and love.
  3. At the end of the seven days review your answers…
    1. Were you present?
    2. Did you see the wondrous opportunities the world has to offer?
    3. Did you acknowledge your own beauty?

In truth, what you notice can show you some amazing insight into your current state. Are you noticing only negative things? Or, are you immersed in the wonderful world you are creating around you? It can be a bit confronting to review the week at once, simply because you may see patterns, or repeating situations, you may see that you remained on the treadmill that you wish to be free from. If that’s the case, take it day by day, making the decision to focus on being in the now is just as good a start as any.

See what you experience, when you really stop to focus on the world around you.

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