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New Bits and Bobs

Over in the Zoetic Dawn Inner Circle (Facebook Group), I have been discussing some of the new things I have found recently. From music to books, apps to anything really, I have decided to start reviewing different bits and bobs as I use them.

I love trying new things, from drinks and food to apps and games. So I thought why not combine the two.

Everything I review will be based on a rating system of 5 πŸ•‰ symbols. The more πŸ•‰ symbols I give an item the more useful I have found it. You might just find something you want to try along the way. If you try any of the same things let me know your feedback!

First Up: Momento App I am a huge journal user. Hard copies, apps,art based… I love anything that provides me with a mechanisim to track what’s going on in my life.

I have tried a number of apps over the years, and have not really found one that I like to use on a regular basis. Truth be told, heading into using the Momento App I wasnt convinced that it would do much better.

So far, it has proven me wrong. Essentially, the App pulls information from your nominated social media streams into one feed. You can then add or remove additional content as much as your heart ❀️desires along the way. First impressions are positive.

The interface is clean and simple, but effective and reasonably user friendly.

It reminds me once a day through a standard notification to journal my thoughts for the day, checking in at a nominated time. You can also customise your reminders to ask you a specific question each day, which is a feature I love as I can use my own words to prompt myself.

Downside… be it through design or user error 😝 I can’t seem to get my posts from the Zoetic Dawn Inner Circle or Coaching page to show as part of the feed. Logically I get it, as these are “business” pages, but as I post so much more in these areas it would be good to be able to pull the information from there.

What I love however is absolutly no pressure. It asks me how my day was, and I answer, in the moment pulling my attention inward, allowing me to resetif needed or continue to vibe. Either way it really does appear to support me during the day.

All in all its a pretty good app. It’s clean in design and use and everything seems to flow.

Although I would like to gain all of my independent posts as part of the feed. Like anything though it really is depending on how much I as the user put into it…

πŸ•‰πŸ•‰πŸ•‰πŸ•‰ (4 out of 5).

Book Time: Allison DuBois Into the Dark, How the dead help us heal I have read a number Allisons books before, and thoroughly enjoyed them. I had borrowed this one from a friend, and truth be told it has been in my book case for going on 8 months.

I just never felt drawn to read it, something else always came up or, I would find myself reading something else.

I loved the other books, her style of writing is easy to read, empathetic yet direct. Her mannerisms and authenticity radiate through her words, and I find myself drawn into each encounter she describes.

Disclaimer – I am still only half way through as this point.

Into the Dark, How the Dead Help Us Heal, so far has been an odd read. Not overly motivated to start it, unfortunately that continued, and each time I put the book down I struggle to pick it back up again.

Her writing is still easy to read, and as normal, her truth radiates and shines throughout the words… there is just something about this book that I struggle to get into. It isn’t that its badly written, or that her account of events is not believeable… but there is something about the concepts that just do not resonate with me.

So all in all, for a half finished book, I give it a…

πŸ•‰πŸ•‰πŸ•‰ (3 out of 5), not bad, not great, kind of so so. BUT I am drawn to remind you of the importance of discerning. What works for some doesn’t mean it MUST work for all.

Lastly: Music : Spotify : RENAE I didn’t actually find RENAE through Spotify, but rather through Facebook. Her work is pretty amazing. As a singer songwriter, RENAE using her instruments and incredibly skill to bring two worlds together.

Through her music, RENAE provides soulful lyrics, vibrationally powerful tones, and general heart and authenticity to the forefront.

Her work is in alignment with the Chakra’s, providing a journey of the soul. She jumps onto Facebook Live on a regular basis, and so far runs some honest and high vibe lives (say that 10 times fast), that really reaches me on an authentic level.

I do recommend that you check her out, the work is “pop” in terms of genres, but even I who alternate between Linkin Park, to Pink to oldies to Ed Sheeran, find her music amazingly well crafted, with an amazing voice.

πŸ•‰πŸ•‰πŸ•‰πŸ•‰ (4 out of 5)

So that is the run down for the first Bits and Bobs Review Post, let me know what you thought in the comments, and for sure let me know if you tried anything…

Do you have anything you want me to review? Let me know via comments or email zoeticdawn@gmail.com.



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