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Seeking Inspiration…

I am sure we have all felt demotivated at some stage. Perhaps it isn’t even about being demotivated as such, but rather more of a lack. A lack of energy, a lack of motivation a lack of whatever makes us get out of that funk and keep pushing.

Let’s be real for a moment. That feeling sucks! and if you don’t address it then it can be one of the most powerful snowballs I have ever seen. Be it cleaning or working, cooking or exercising, spiritual or human day to day… we all need a bit of a kick into gear now and then!

But if you take a moment to acknowledge it, you may just find your innate strength rocks to the surface, not only smashing the snowball into snowflakes,  but propelling you forward.

Day’s like that I struggle. I struggle to find the words to say in a blog. My posts on Facebook dwindle, and then it seems almost impossible to start again. Yes, thats right! We all have those days and when we do it is important to realise that it’s happening.

See, I believe we all have the potential to do something great. I believe that within each person is a passion, a flame that just needs a bit of fanning to create a mammoth opportunity. Sometimes we just need that inspiration to come out. Moreso, we need to be in a space to acknowledge it when it arrives!

So today I am sharing my Top 3 Tips for Finding Inspiration. These are the three things I do when I am in a funk, when I need a moment to just find something to kick me in the rear and get me going…

  1. Stop trying so hard! Honestly! One of my biggest struggles is when I get in a funk is I try to overcompensate. I commit myself to a million in one things, when in reality one of the core reasons for funk is actually burn out! In moments like this I need to stop, take a moment and go do something fun. Spend time with my family, go for a walk, have a coffee, blob out and watch some trashy TV! Stop trying to fix it, and acknowledge its presence, then release it. Move on, and focus on something else for awhile. Stop feeling bad for needing a break – we can’t be everything to everyone all the damn time! So why do we keep trying?
  2. Try something new. Have you ever had that moment where you are just doing tasks because they need doing? You know what I mean, you are doing what needs to be done, but it’s missing something… passion! You flick on autopilot (don’t get me wrong, autopilot has it’s time and place), and go about your day. Then you reach the end of your day, unsure as to what you accomplished for you. If you can, in between moments of auto-pilot, try something new. Download a new app, listen to a new podcast, walk a different route, try a different brand of coffee. Experiment! We are not machines that function on consistency… someday we want to try something new. So get out there and experience something new!
  3. Go out and find it! Seriously, sometimes when I reach that point where nothing is flowing, where I just can’t find something to twinkle my eye with inspiration, I go out and look for it. I pack up little miss into the car and we go to the park. We go to the library and search out new reads, I watch a TedTalk, throw Spotify onto random and see where it takes me. I allow the world to present opportunities for me to learn, grow and find new and exciting concepts. It is through this tip that I found TedTalks in the first place – my new go to for inspiration.

My final tip is probably the most important, but doesn’t fit in the line up. When you are having a moment, give yourself permission to have it. Trust that you have your own back, and that you will find your way back when you are good and ready. You are your own best source of inspiration, you have a million and one things that can inspire others. Focus on what you have to offer… you never know what you will come across.



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