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Dream Goals VS Reality Goals – Coaching Challenge

Goals. Those funny things, that everyone tells us over the course of our life that we must have. We must always be working towards something. Moving forward, aiming high. One goal, once achieved is followed by another.

But what does having goals really mean? See it’s a bit of a funny thing really. As a coach I believe in goals. I believe they can give us a focus. Not only that, but the right goal executed at the right time, allows us to manage our own expectations through the use of milestones or mini steps on our way to the end result.

Personally, I believe that many of us live our life setting two layers of goals.

Dream Goals – Are those we dream about, the big house, the overseas trip, or whatever it may be, but we never really believe it is attainable. So we dream about them, sending positive vibes out into the world that we want whatever it is. And then that’s it. There is no follow through on our end to ensure we actually step towards those goals. They always seem sadly, just out of reach.

In comparison, many of us are accustomed to “Reality Goals” – Goals which serve an immediate purpose and we can see the benefit of within a specific timeframe. These are the goals that we actually work towards, because we know they are achievable.

But, my argument is, that we can merge these two goals. We can bring our dreams and reality together, allowing us to work towards the daydream.

I believe, we can do this by using Reality Goals to achieve our Dream Goals. By working in alignment, and following through on our own promises to ourselves.

Ask yourself this, what is really between you and your dream? What is it that is actually stopping you from going on that trip, running that workshop, signing up for that course? Is it the daily demands of life, or something within? My money, or at least my experience, is on “something within”.

Dreams often mean change. Change, stereotypically means bad. But it isn’t always that way. Change can bring beauty, and wonder and opportunities. For myself, when I asked myself that same question, I realised in that moment, that what is standing between me and my dream was me. My own perception of how others perceived me. I mean how round about and back to front is that!

I was so consumed with what others thought of me, that I never really lived as me. Always as a shadow, or image of the person I thought they wanted.

Until I brought my dream and reality together. When I sat down one day and looked at the similarities between my skills, my situation, my now and what I wanted. In that moment, I aligned my dreams with my reality, and have been working towards my dream ever since. I tell ya, it was scary as all hell, but hugely and I am hugely empowering.

And that is all I wish for, for you as well. The empowering feeling of knowing that your now is contributing to your dreams. So your challenge this week is to write down all the things you want in your dreams, in terms of themes. For example, I want to help people. I want balance, and calm. I want freedom to speak my mind. I want a holistic approach to the world.

In another space, write down all the themes of your now. At the time of this exercise, I had some similarities, and some major differences. I was helping people, but it wasn’t a holistic approach. I never spoke up for myself, and I absolutely did not have balance and calm.

So that was where I started. I started working on balance and calm. Researching and finding different ways to bring it into my life. I focused on using a more holistic approach in my day to day work and home life. I started making minor changes to bring more similarities to the forefront.

Have a go at the exercise and see what you find. You may just surprise yourself at how close or far your reality and dreams are.


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