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Authenticity – Why?

We are often told as children that we must always tell the truth. Be it a spiritual, religious, atheist, or something in between upbringing, it is common that “do not lie” is often repeated.

Truth be told I get it. 100% I get it. Deceit hurts. It hurts you, but it also hurts the person on the other end of it. Yet, in my view the lesson should be extended beyond lying, or rather telling the truth.

It should be extended to living and behaving authentically. Because when we don’t, the damage that can be created is just as bad as a white lie. I mean, to an extent what is authentic living? For me, if I had to “define” it, would simply say, that authentic living refers to the way one lives their life. They live their life in alignment, with all aspects of their being, mind, body and soul. They demonstrate attributes which they hold dear. They make decisions based on their true path. The live their life, their way.

Now obviously, we cannot live authentically all the time. I mean, I believe finding your authenticity takes experiences of being inauthentic. Like tasting new foods to find that you cannot stand them 😂😂😂. I do also believe that doing things to harm others, and stating “but that’s who I am”, is also a cop out. But I do believe that listening to your inner compass, and allowing your intuition and soul to have a voice in your journey in a meaningful way (consciously or not), is what being authentic is all about.

But what happens if your not?

What happens if you are “most of the time”, but sometimes it feels all too hard to say what you are really experiencing?

It hurts.

It hurts, just like lying does. It hurts the person who has to hear/experience it. It hurts them because they can often feel the shift, the change, the fact that something is slightly off. And it hurts to think that you cannot tell them the truth.

And it hurts you.

It hurts you, and those around you because it has the potential to create distrust. One sentence, one word, one look, one feeling can be a breeding ground for mistrust if you allow it too. I mean, if I am authentic, and living my life in alignment with my own path for my highest good… why would I want to do anything differently?

Truth is, we all have moments where life gets in the way. It gets to damn hard, and it is easier to just keep rolling with everything that is happening around us, than to stand up and say NO. I do not want this. I am choosing something else.

And sometimes its easier. And that’s okay.

It isn’t even about beating yourself up about a situation/conversation/look/word or feeling. It’s about acknowledging that everyone has moments, and everyone is allowed too. What matters is how you pick yourself up after it, how you allow yourself the space and time to realign. How you confront the decisions/conversations/situations that occurred, and how you move on.

Everyone has moments.

It’s how we dust ourselves off, communicate with those we love, and move the hell on that matters. Let the moment go. Do not try to hold onto it on principle.

Let it go and return to you. (Easier said than done I know!)

Let it go and just be.

Give yourself space to be.


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