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Remember to Breathe

We have all had moment, I’m sure! Moments where we have faced a highly stressful situation, where we have either physically or metaphorically held our breath until the moment has passed.

For me, I never even realised I was holding my breath until that moment where I exhale, and inhale again. Shocked, and slightly amazed I didn’t pass out…

Remembering to breathe is so important, especially in moments of stress or pressure. So why is it that we often find ourselves holding still? More importantly, how do we move past that moment?

As we near closer to the silly season, I wanted this blog to focus on ways to find the calm, or more accurately, ways to remind yourself to breathe. Regardless of what is happening around you.

Air, is not only important for physical life, but deep calming breathing can support a balance. A balance between soul, mind, and body, allowing all three to connect at one time, bringing clarity, and calm to your world.

The act of breathing, and especially what I call Active Breathing (when you focus your attention on that breath, on that moment of stillness, where nothing but your inhale and exhale are important), can provide solace from the chaos, it has the potential to ground, to heal, and to allow yourself to connect with a higher source, and yourself depending on your own preferences in that moment.

So here are my “Top 3 Tips” for Active Breathing.

  1. Find an app – I get it! How silly does that sound? But you would be surprised just how many different apps are out there to support your breathing. Not just general meditation apps, but apps dedicated to ensuring you focus your breath. I am incredibly lucky and my smart watch does it for me. I can set it to either go based on my heart rate, or at specific times throughout the day. It dings a little ding and guides me through a minute of active breathing. I can tell you, that the little ding and moment, even one minute long, is worth its weight in gold. That little reminder to stop, and focus on me for one minute really provides me the opportunity to step back, look at the bigger picture, realign and refocus, and then move on with my day. A little lighter than before.
  2. Create your own trigger – We can be triggered by so many different things in this world. What is quite evident however, is that these triggers are often for a less than desirable feeling. So it is time to take control and create your own trigger for calm, peace and breathing. We receive so many different signs throughout any one day, that it can be super easy to be overwhelmed by the range of messages and their sources. So create one for you, by you, based on what you need. Use a crystal, a symbol, a flower, a star, a whatever. When you decide what “it” is, make a commitment to yourself. When you notice it, throughout your day, wherever it may be, take a moment and take 5 deep breaths. Allow the world around you to remind you to connect with yourself.
  3. Set a routine – Often when we are overwhelmed, it is easy to forget about ourselves. We rush rush rush rush rush and then rush some more. We care for others, get lost in the shuffle of life. We dedicate time to other tasks, exercise, water intake, food intake, meditation, whatever it may be. Approach breathing in the same way. Allow yourself to guide you, and set a routine for one minute of active breathing each day, or multiple times per day depending on what works for you. It might be after every meal you take 5 deep breaths. When you get up in the morning. Before you get out of your car. Before you go to bed. Whatever works for you. Set an intention and allow it to guide you.

At the end of the day, this is about allowing you the space and time to be. To acknowledge that we cannot be superheroes all the time, that we need space, and time, and solace from the chaos of the world. That we need a break too.

This coming year is all about making oneself a priority – so why wait?




2 thoughts on “Remember to Breathe”

  1. My beloved foster Mother always said: “Life is Hard By the Yard, but By The Inch It’s a Cinch!

    It takes a well-timed step, step, step. It takes being in choice, and knowing what work you will do towards your “preferred” way of being.

    You asked earlier: ‘How do you move past that moment?’

    1) No sweeping ‘that moment’ under the carpet.

    2) Taking responsibility for ‘that moment.’

    3) Remembering that it will take time, because “Rome really wasn’t built in a day.”

    4) Celebrate the success of moving/failing forward.

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