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Change …

Change. The word along can send shudders down a spine. For me, I never really liked the word. Change for me has always implied that something is wrong. It criticises the past, and makes a claim that it is no longer good enough. Therefore things must change. I prefer the word/s adapt for growth…

Okay, so I have replied one word with three but hey! My life, my way right? Adapting for growth allows one to realise their own need to continually grow, to shift, to bring forth new ideas and to discern those of the past. Adapting for growth, for me, implies that the person is in charge of their own reactions to any given situation. Acknowledging their strengths, developing their weaknesses…. growing… adapting… allowing the process of growth to shine.

I know it can be scary, and like most things, a lot of it boils down to a mindset shift. The world we live in today is constantly evolving. Constantly challenging the status quo and shifting expectations.

It can be downright exhausting attempting to keep up with every single shift that occurs throughout the day.

But what we can do, is acknowledge those which have an affect on the way we chose to live our life. We can allow it to take hold, to become our only focus and to push back. Or we can adapt. We can grow, and shift with it, allowing our own desires to mold the new norm, the way we want to.

So I thought today I would focus on my two key lessons for “surviving change” or rather “encouraging growth”.

  1. Allow the process to happen – all too often I met people who are fighting change. They push at every turn, completely disregard all positive possibilities, and end up burn out, and frankly pissed off. The reality is, when we are not the ones driving the shift, change sucks. But the truth is, in those moments we have to stop, and ask ourselves… why are we really upset? Are we upset because we disagree with the premise of the change, or are we upset because we cannot control the outcome. The thing is, you may not always be able to control the process, but you can control your reaction to it. Allow the process to happen, allow yourself to shift with it, working to ensure that your voice is heard in a productive way. Do I agree with every shift that occurs in my life? No, of course not. But in those moments, I attempt to step back. To see the bigger picture, and work out my place within that. If the shift effect people I care about, then I focus on supporting them to find their place within the “new norm”. It isn’t always easy, but when you find the cause for the hurt, you can treat the truth and not the lie.
  2. Allow yourself a moment to process – While I have gone on about going with the flow, it is also important to give yourself time and space to react. To process your emotions, your reactions and acknowledge that in that moment, they exist. No good can come from bottling up your reactions, regardless of if they are positive or negative. In moments where we are adapting, and growing, there are moments of “growing pains” as they say. Where we have to find our place, our own rhythm. Give yourself the space to do that.

Change, adapting, growth, evolving. Whatever you call it, through reflection, self-love and self-awareness you can come out the otherside. Stronger, aligned, and aware… It takes practice, and it is never perfect, but really, growth doesn’t come from perfection….



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