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After Dreaming – Coaching Challenge

For the last couple of weeks the coaching challenges have really focused on what you want to happen in the future. Now is time to start putting those dreams into action.

Like I have said before, the dreaming part is the starting point, allowing you to really cement your desires, so that you can craft a plan that works for you.

There are so many different ways to plan.

When I was younger I use to worry that my brain wasn’t wired right. I couldn’t plan moving forward. No matter how hard I tried, the idea of one step after another perplexed me. Then I started working backwards.

Today in both my coaching world and my professional job I work backwards. While it has resulted it some funny looks, the method usually wins most people over. I am a firm believer that it doesn’t matter how you get your dreams. What matters is that you know what you want, and you get there. (FYI, I never saw the point in showing your working in maths either lol!).

So todays coaching challenge is to use this technique for your next goal. Working backwards is alarmingly simple for my brain. If it doesn’t gel with you then that is cool too! But here is another technique that might be useful for someone…

Step 1) Take your end goal. Work out what you will feel like when you get it. What will your life be like? What things will you do? What will you enjoy? What will you look forward too? Filling in as much detail as possible, allows you to truly feel your dream, to really be aware that this is possible, and more so, this is happening.

Step 2) Ask yourself one simple question – Right before you achieve your goal, what does your life look like? What milestones may you have already achieved? What does your life look, taste, smell, sound and feel like? (Milestone)

Step 3) Just before you get to that point, what do you need to achieve? Thereby creating another milestone.

Step 4) Continue asking yourself, what do I need for X? Until you arrive at your world now. Allow yourself to feel your world as you get closer and closer to that dream. Allow yourself to sort through what milestones are important, and those which are not necessary. Before long, your plan will emerge.

So, I will give you an example:


  • End Goal: New Career for Person A.
  • Milestone: Ace Interview for New Job.
  • Milestone: Apply for New Job.
  • Milestone: Craft excellent CV showcasing amazing skills.
  • Milestone: Gain appropriate skill and/or qualifications.
  • Milestone: Find various paths to gain knowledge.
  • Milestone: Define “dream job”.
  • Starting Point: Person A, unhappy with current job, but unsure what to do…

The reality is there are 50 million opportunities to get someone from point A to point B, which is why my mind would struggle to work in “order”. I would attempt to account for every possibility along the way, and would miss opportunities which just “sprung” up. This way, how I get there isn’t important. But the feeling along the way will provide the path.  I can define what I want to experience along the way, but the way I go about it doesn’t matter. Only that I am following my path, my way.

Why not give it a go?





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