Christmas Cheer

Merry Christmas!

If you are checking this on Christmas Day go you!! Your dedication inspires me!

If not, then, still frankly, Go YOU! Because at the end of the day doing things at your pace, your way, based on your moments of now, is exactly what Zoetic Dawn is all about.

Regardless of when you stumble across this blog, my message is simple.

Today is Christmas Day. A day for love, for celebration, for awesome connections with those you love. For creating memories. For living in the moment.

Allow this post to remind you of the importance of you.

Give yourself a moment today. Give yourself a gift of self-love.

Remind yourself why you are amazing.

Give yourself a giant hi-5!

Smile, laugh, embrace.

Importantly, enjoy. Because today is about now, today is about love.

Today will pass, in the blink of an eye Easter goodies will hit our shelves and the process, and lead up to the chaos begins again. Allow the cyclical nature of our world serve you today. Know that everything will still be there tomorrow.

So be in the now.

Enjoy the now.

Let your soul sing… Christmas carols or pop … whatever this moment calls for.




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