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Coaching Challenge

This weeks coaching challenge ties into the post on Monday... Allowing abundance and opportunity is an empowering factor in our day to day life. At a basic level, we have the power to write our own story, but the story lines that show up reflect the opportunities we allow into our world. Whatever form they… Continue reading Coaching Challenge

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Coaching Challenge – Your True Self

Wow, what a start 2018 has had huh? For many of us, the year has started incredibly intensely with no signs of slowing down. In the short time 2018 has been around I have had too: Question my own sense of self Determine my true desires Acknowledge that which is no longer working for me… Continue reading Coaching Challenge – Your True Self

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Coaching Challenge – Explore Your Surroundings

Tying in with the theme of Mondays post, as I mentioned, we often forget to take note of the external forces contributing to our world. Don't get me wrong. We are great at ignoring our inner self when it is easier to look outward. But I do believe we often dismiss the importance of external… Continue reading Coaching Challenge – Explore Your Surroundings