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Hello New Year…

Happy New Year! Another year is upon us, and many of us will be struggling to remember to write 2018 instead of 2017. Others will adjust quickly and 2017 will seem like years ago…

Time moves different for everyone. Time. It’s a funny thing isn’t it. I mean, really it was designed by us, to ensure we were able to place meaning on the time that passes, but what does time really mean for us?

For some, it is a scary concept as time ticks too fast, signalling opportunities missed, emphasising failings, or racing ahead to quickly. For others time is a pleasant if not exciting concept. The possibilities that new dawns will bring, the range of experiences waiting to be had.

New Years always feels as though it is the time that we reflect on just that, time. We reflect on the year which has passed, we hope for the year that is ahead of us. Yet, how often do we stop and appreciate the moment that is now.

How often do we stop to smell the roses, to ignore what has been, to allow the future to come as it needs too, and just brought our attention to the now. In fact, think about it while you are reading this blog? Are you fully engaged with the words on the screen, or are you chatting with someone else while you do it, are you daydreaming the words away only to get to the end of this sentence to realise you need to start again?

We spend so long wishing for the future, or pining over the past, that the very beauty of life around us can seemingly pass us by. Which is a devastating fact really, because it is your hard work that has brought you to this point. Yet, in some respects you may be missing out on the rewards of being you.

So, to kick the new year off I wanted to share my Top 3 Tips of being in the now. Like anything, the key is balance. Much like the Mind, Body, Soul dance it is important that we acknowledge the balance of time. Just enough time reflecting, just enough time dreaming, and just enough time in the now… allowing your highest good to shine.

  1. Be purposeful in your moment. If you are feeling overwhelmed or seemingly out of control, it could be because you are focussed on everything but the moment you are in. To help combat this I like to draw my attention to my now. To be purposeful in doing so and to focus my senses on what is happening around me. For example, I rub my hands together. I feel the sensation of skin again skin, and I focus my thoughts on what is happening in that moment. Which hand is feeling which? Can i differentiate the experience between both hands? What smells can I smell in that moment, what am I aware of? What can I hear? What am I feeling? In this moment it isn’t about correcting anything, simply allowing yourself to experience your world, as it is in that moment, if only for a moment.
  2. Make the effort. I know, it might sound simple, but often the world in throwing us 50 million different things at anyone time that it can be hard to keep up. Let alone being peaceful and in the moment! How can you be in the moment when you are trying to remember how many things you need to juggle in the next week? Well, the hard truth to that is, they are excuses in their finest form. You want to be in the moment. Make the effort. If that means putting it in your diary, or setting an alarm. Do it. Now is the time to own up to the truth. Being in the moment can be hard. You have to focus and allow yourself to experience the world. But after all you are the creator. Shouldn’t you want to feel it?
  3. Be honest, but be kind. This was probably one of the hardest lessons for me to learn, and some days I have to repeat lessons. Be honest to yourself. You deserve the truth. Always. You deserve the empowering feeling of being in alignment with yourself. You deserve walking your truth, and allowing yourself to really know yourself. You deserve to be out in the open, unafraid of yourself and live your life. But I also know it isn’t easy. Because being honest with yourself often results in some hard decisions being made. Which is where the second point of this comes into it. Be kind. Be kind to yourself in the moments of now. Let yourself know that bring present doesn’t have to be scary because you have your own damn back. Allow yourself to support yourself during these moments. Actively be present. Listen to your reactions, your mental, emotional, physical reactions. Deal with the unpleasant moments so you can honour the beautiful ones. Be honest, but be kind.

And that my loves is my top 3 tips for being in the now. I know I go on a lot about planning, and dreaming and bringing things to you. But sometimes it pays to slow it down and be in the now… as hard as it may be.





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