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Be in the Moment – Coaching Challenge

It is a new year, so I wanted to kick off our 2018 Coaching Challenges the same way I did the 2018 blog.

By being present in our own life. So, this week doesn’t call for reflection or planning. But it does call for truth, honest journalling, and a bit of a leap of faith… in oneself.

This week I want you set an alarm at the same time on three separate days. Make sure the time is when you will be able to stop and jot down a few ideas, or experience a few things…

When you alarm goes off I want you too:

  1. Stop and take 3 deep breaths.
  2. Look around you – what do you see? Not what have you seen, but what do you see now?
  3. What do you hear?
  4. What do you taste?
  5. What do you feel?
  6. How do you feel?

Be careful not to slip into reflective mode, I want statements that are focussed entirely on the moment. I FEEL not I felt, I HEAR not, I heard… you get the picture.

This week, over three occasions make an effort to be in the moment.

Experience the world purposefully.

Allow yourself to be.



2 thoughts on “Be in the Moment – Coaching Challenge”

  1. Good morning – I did this exercise this morning and actually burst into tears. I was so surprised to learn how I was truly feeling – it shocked me! Through this process of yours though, I was able to come to some sort of an alignment with myself to better honour me and to better care for me today and to allow myself to be more real, genuine and in touch with -> ME <- the core of me – not the intellectual part of me that is consistently geared up to deal with challenge etc.

    I found your entry very comforting and although I have set an alarm for the same time for a few days … I've just now got to remember wtf the alarm is for when I hear it!

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