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Beauty of a Physical Release

We place a lot of emphasis on the importance of emotional, mental and spiritual clearing. On ensuring we release that which no longer serves us, and live a life that is free from burdens of the past. Often, we forget the cleansing power of physically releasing that which no longer serves us…

Recently we had a big summer clean. We rearranged the house to create more space, we threw a lot out, we kept a lot more than I originally imagined.

We created the vibe we wanted in our own space. It was incredibly therapeutic, to throw out a lot of clutter, to allow the time to really clear our living spaces. To make a priority, and get it done.

Sitting in my new office, surrounded by my things, creating the vibe I want, I feel strangely renewed. All too often I stumble across self-help blogs (much like my own), emphasising the need to look within. To search within one’s soul for the answers (I mean, that’s my tag line!), but the truth is, sometimes its damn helpful to look on the outside as well.

Like we are made up of multiple different aspects, human and soul, we are also made up of internal factors, and external. Sometimes balance means allowing that which is outward to us, the time to be adjusted, just as much as inwards.

So while, my original intention was not about cleansing, or clearing or releasing, the result of our big shift around was a sense of calm, of balance. Because at the end of the day it isn’t about looking in or out. It was about acknowledging and allowing what needed to happen, to happen. So I thought I would share the three things I learnt while rearranging my physical space.

  1. The physical environment matters just as much as the internal. When the physical environment is right and in alignment with our self, and out physical requirements we take it for granted. We don’t even really notice when it isn’t quite right, only becoming aware of it once we have changed it. Sometimes a good clean up can do wonders.
  2. It can bring new perspective. When you dive in to rearranging things, throwing things out or whatever it may be, you have to think on your feet often. To keep or not to keep, to put in room 1 or room 4. You have to think about the space, what you want out of it, and what you are currently getting out of it. What will this action do to the desired outcomes? While moving things around can be physically draining, it can be mentally draining if you are not expecting it. Take the opportunity to look for new creative ways to get what you need.
  3. Allow the unexpected. By focusing on a very physical and external task I was able to put my mind aside for a day and deal with the task at hand. This did wonders for my overall sense of self, and my levels of stress. I am a planner, for my 9-5 I am always trying to stay at least one day ahead of myself planning wise. But putting everything aside for the weekend, and allowing myself the mental space to do so, created some amazing opportunity in my physical world.

So next times things don’t feel quite right… look outward as well as in… a bit of a clean up may be just what you need.





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