Coaching Challenge, Empowerment

Coaching Challenge – Explore Your Surroundings

Tying in with the theme of Mondays post, as I mentioned, we often forget to take note of the external forces contributing to our world.

Don’t get me wrong. We are great at ignoring our inner self when it is easier to look outward. But I do believe we often dismiss the importance of external implications. The way our physical space aligns with our desires, or not, has a huge impact on our sense of calm and peace.

Moreover, if our physical environment presents more challenges than moments of peace, something needs to shift.

So this weeks challenge is simple, explore your physical surroundings. This week I want you to be actively present in your world. Explore your surroundings. Truly view the world in which you live. Go out and actively participate in that world.

Allow external sources to flood your senses with experiences. Allow yourself to be mystified, or blown away, or simple ponder that which you interact with.

The purpose? Well it’s quite simple really. We can gain so much experience and information from our world when we allow it too.

So today, or whenever it works best for you, give yourself permission to experience the world. After All, you have helped to create it…




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