Empowerment, Holistic Resilience, Honesty, Reflection, Review

Making One’s Way

The last 96 hours have been an intense array of reactions, emotions and action as I recommitted my life to myself.

You see, over the last four days my own perception of the world, and my place within it, have been questioned. I have asked myself over and over again to be shown the right path, and then proceeded to dismiss all signs of it. I have sought counsel from friends, I have cried, I have laughed, I have sworn, I have reviewed, and I have come out the other side a different person to whom I was 4 days ago, or more so accurately, I have come out aware. Aware of my own journey and my need to walk it how I see fit.

I stumbled across a thought this morning which perhaps more eloquently demonstrates my view on this. We are all given the right to walk our life in the way we see fit. We have the right to make our own way through the journey, to make decisions based on what we hold valuable. Moreover, we have the innate power, strength, and knowledge to do so. Sometimes we forget that. We forget the innate strength that is within us, in favour for focusing on the external values of oneself.

Whenever we choose to embark on a journey, we often forget the importance of taking note of the internal requirements of it. We think about the things we need to pack, what we need to take with us, but we do not prepare ourselves emotionally, or mentality or physically for what lies ahead. We prepare ourselves for the travel, the activities, the physical acts of whatever it is we are doing, all while (for some of us at least) disregarding the toll that a journey can have on us.

If the last 96 hours have taught me anything at all, it is the importance of allowing your innate strengths to come forward when needed. In doing so, I found, you create a space of care, compassion and self-love, empowering you to face your journey, aligned and in full. All aspects of self being present in the moment as required. By drawing on that strength, you are able to auto-pilot the physical aspects of the journey, enabling you to bring your attention to the inner.

Why is that important? Because allowing your inner compass to show you the way, allowing yourself time and space to process, to react and consider, to act with thought and insight, allows you walk your journey the way you want to. It allows you to use all of your own skills and knowledge to take on board various lessons, to provide clarity to your journey, to remind yourself of the value you add to yourself.

Your journey is yours, different players join us from time to time, some for ever, others for a short period. But your journey is yours. Own it. Use it. Acknowledge that when working in alignment, when working from and for your highest good, you have the power to make your way through your journey. Just as you see fit.






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