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Coaching Challenge – Your True Self

Wow, what a start 2018 has had huh? For many of us, the year has started incredibly intensely with no signs of slowing down. In the short time 2018 has been around I have had too:

  • Question my own sense of self
  • Determine my true desires
  • Acknowledge that which is no longer working for me
  • Grieve for what I thought would be my reality
  • Accept my new reality

Let’s just say it has been a roller-coaster of emotion, as well as many moments of self-doubt and questioning. The beauty of it however, is I can sit here and acknowledge that I did this all, to follow my truth. No longer will I play the victim of happenstance, or allow things to directly affect me when they have no business in my world. I will achieve all that I wish to achieve, I will release that which doesn’t work for me, and I will do so unapologetically, knowing it is for my highest good.

It can be challenge in itself getting to this point. The point where I know what I need for my highest good is also for the good of others. See when you live if your life for your highest good, then you don’t need to worry about if love is a part of the equation, for you embody it. I used to worry about the repercussions for other people, then I realised that when I am living as my true self, when I am in alignment with my highest good, then of course my highest good is also the highest good for the world.

When we all focus our intention on being the best version of ourselves then our loved ones benefit. The flow on effect of possibilities that come from there, are endless, are limitless. There becomes no ceiling of possibility, no box of options, no limitations to how much we can spread love, simply by being our true self.

So this week’s challenge is to ask yourself a simple question (if there is such a thing), what does your true self look like? What does it feel like? What things will you not compromise on? What values do you hold dear?

What is it that makes your true self… your true self?

Go easy with this question, allow the thoughts to come and go as they need too, you will find your answer.





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