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Allowing abundance into you world requires dedicated effort. It sounds somewhat silly doesn’t it, why would you have to put effort in to allow abundance? Shouldn’t it be something that we automatically want? Well, like many things it isn’t that simple…

The truth is the world is abundant. More money, more resources, more stuff is created literally everyday. Yet the vast majority of the world doesn’t/can’t/won’t access it.

Because on some level, we block it. Daily, actively, consciously. We turn our back on the possibilities that the world holds for us. Now, before you roll your eyes and disagree with me let me ask you something… When you think of bringing money into your world, do you think it would be achievable to wake up tomorrow morning a millionaire? Most of us would say no, and yes, I am aware this example is extreme.

But why not? Why can’t you have money show up unexpectedly? I mean, it’s unexpected income right… that literally means you do not expect it, but that doesn’t mean it just falls from the sky… you have to allow it in.

Allowance isn’t only in reference to physical or material aspects of one’s life. We also have to allow connections to be built, we have to allow opportunities into our world. We need to allow self-love, self-care, and self-honouring. We have to believe in the core of our being that we are worth allowing these amazing opportunities to come forth.

Seems a little daughtning right? That’s because it is, in some respects. Allowance at its core represents our own view of what we are, or are not worth. When we truly know and value our own sense of self, we acknowledge and allow beautiful opportunity to show up. When we believe in the negative and self-limiting  beliefs then we are actively choosing to limit that which we allow into our world.

So how do we allow more opportunity? Well, its starts within. It starts with acknowledging that you are allowed to be happy, you are allowed to live in alignment with your highest good is a great place to start.

But what is important here, is that allowance can also allow you to heal. Giving yourself permission to release, to heal, to move forward, to let go of what no longer serves you is a strong message to yourself. It sends a clear message that your own self is worth it. That living in alignment with your own needs is worth it. That you value your own journey, that you value yourself.

Allowance can bring material objects and needs/wants through. Allowance at a deeper level can provide the platform for healing, for acknowledgment, for strength and general empowerment kick-assedness.

Allowance isn’t necessarily easy, but it is one of the most crucial tools to empower you to become the author in your own damn story.

So lets get writing.





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