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Coaching Challenge

This weeks coaching challenge ties into the post on Monday… Allowing abundance and opportunity is an empowering factor in our day to day life.

At a basic level, we have the power to write our own story, but the story lines that show up reflect the opportunities we allow into our world. Whatever form they may take. This week I want you to reflect on what story you have written so far.

Don’t go too deep here, I don’t mean reflecting on soul contracts, or opportunities for lessons and all that jazz. What I want you to do is reflect on the types of opportunities you are seeing…

If they are not what you want… perhaps ask yourself… what opportunities have you turned away from?

I know this question may seem a bit intense, but really I want you to spend some time reflecting on your past experiences… consider the following…

  1. Do you allow opportunity for abundance into your world?
  2. When planning and goal setting do you believe you are worthy of your desired outcomes?
  3. Do you dismiss or allow self-limiting thoughts to be created?
  4. When/if someone tells you, that you can’t do something, do you agree with them?
  5. Do you feel your worthiness daily?

The truth is allowance is about acknowledging your own worthiness. You are worthy of all you desire, and there is more than enough in the world… so it’s time to allow your sense of worth, to define what you allow into your world…

What are you allowing at the moment?






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