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Zoning Out

Sometimes we need a moment to be human. I know it might sound like I am stating the obvious, but we can often get so caught up in being the best version of ourselves it is harder to recover from a bad day…


Go with me on this one… I am sure we have all had days where it seems like too much. You know, where nothing has gone right, everyone wants something, right now, and finding 5 minutes of quiet seems damn near impossible, let alone time to self care…


Sometimes, we just need to cut ourselves some slack and let the bad moment roll through us. Nobody is perfect, that in essence is one component that makes this existence perfect in this moment, everyone is learning, or experiencing something. Their perception of that moment is completely different to yours, and these various perspectives make up the beautiful colours and textures, of the tapestry of our experience.


We often forgive or even make excuses on the behalf of those we love who suffer a bad day. We say “oh they have a lot going on”, or this reason and that reason allow them to snap and behave badly if only for a moment. When was the last time you allowed yourself that same courtesy? So, in honour of allowing yourself space and time to zone out, to be, and to check in with yourself, here are my top three reasons/tips you should be kinder to yourself… especially on a bad day…

  1. Nobody is perfect. Like I said, no-one is above this, everyone has bad days, everyone needs time to zone out. Next time you feel yourself getting to this point, acknowledge it, allow it to flow through you, and self-honour and do something for you. If all you can spare in that moment is a breather outside take it.
  2. Allow yourself space to be. This is one of the most empowering things, and it doesn’t mean you can be an ass to everyone and expect it to be okay. If you affect others, apologise for it, but don’t hold yourself to ransom expecting some perfect behaviour that is holier than thou above everyone else. Allow yourself the space and time to have your moment and move on. The longer you hold on to negative thoughts due to having a bad day, the longer the bad day will last.
  3. Everyone is human. Learn from the moment and let it go. There is no point holding onto the negative self-limiting thoughts. Once you realise you are in the moment, stop, allow yourself to know this is a brief moment in time, allow your true highest good to come forward and serve you, and kick the negative self-limiting thoughts to the curb. You don’t need them. You are not less than, for having a moment. You are human. You had a moment. Move on.

In these moments we can learn a lot. We can begin to recognise the symptoms on ongoing stress earlier, we can identify the triggers, and we can adapt our behaviour to ensure our highest good remains our focus. But no one is immune to a bad day. So be a little kinder to yourself. It all starts with you, kick self-limiting thoughts to the curb, and rock a little bit of self love from time to time.





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