Coaching Challenge – Time to Be

If you have followed Zoetic Dawn for a while (and caught the post on Monday) you will know I am a firm believer in finding time to yourself, to self-care and self-honour regardless of what else is going on in your world.

That 30 seconds or 5 minutes or hour if you are lucky enough can be the difference between breaking point, or an emotional return to base so to speak.

This week is about honouring that process. Over the course of your week, set 5 alarms for various times and days. Make a conscience effort to ensure that those alarms work with you, for example don’t go setting alarms for when you know you will be driving or doing something important.

When those alarms go off, stop what you are doing and do two things…

  1. Check in with yourself. Take note if you are stressed, happy, what are you physically feeling? What are you emotionally feeling? etc etc
  2. Spend the next five minutes focussing on things that make you happy. Music, jokes, trashy TV shows… whatever it is that lifts your spirits in that moment.

It may simple, but it can actually be pretty hard to dedicate time to self. We are so quick to rush to the aid of others, but where is that support for self?

Can you commit to 5 minutes over 5 separate occasions to truly self-love and honour? Are you prepared to put yourself first?





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