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Repost Edit: Trust

Before there was Zoetic Dawn, there was a teeny tiny blog called My Journey My Eyes. A blog which was created to help me document my journey of awareness. A place for me to brain dump everything, a place where I could just be.

Today I felt drawn to return to the words that had flowed before, and the words I found upon that page, felt important to repeat… with a few edits.

Trust Yourself

You and you alone are the rudder on your boat, and you will not steer yourself wrong, when steering with love, when steering with truth… when steering with trust.

If you even remotly like me, you like to plan for the worst while praying for the best. Fear of the unknown puts that mentality completely and utterly to the test.

Fear of the unknown can cripple you… That was my issue, the reason I didn’t want to step  out into the big scary world. How can I plan for what I don’t know? Fear of the unknown…

The thing I now realise is that I do know, and so do you. Your soul knows. While the rest of you is in the dark, your soul is working for your highest good.

Your soul remembers. You are here in a human incarnation, but your soul is still with you, your soul remembers your life/lives before, but you have to trust your soul.

You don’t have to trust me, or anyone else, but you need to trust yourself, because you will not point yourself in the wrong direction, and while it feels like the unknown, it isn’t!

Yes – always protect yourself, protection from draining or negative engeries is important. But trust yourself, because you know what you need to do. You know you have your best interest at heart. (I know, I know, if only it was that easy!)

So next time a seed of self-doubt is planted, don’t water it. Don’t feed it, but bask in the beautiful knowing soul that is you.


One cannot have fear of the unknown… when the unknown is truly what is known.





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