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CC: Trusting Ones Path

On Monday I reposted a post from over a year ago about trusting oneself.

The thing is, honestly, trust in self is the most important tool we can ever spend time crafting. Believing beyond a shadow of a doubt, that our own sense of self, has our back, and will not steer us wrong, empowers us to catapult ourselves into the world.

Fearlessly, authentically and with our truth in focus.

So this weeks Coaching Challenge is all about reflection, and creating connection between previous experiences and trust in one’s own journey.

Over the next few days consider the times where your inner compass guided you in the right direction. Consider the big or minor decisions in which you trusted yourself, and it was for good reason.

I can give you an example for myself…

Recently I had to make a decision regarding a friendship with another person. Something felt off, rather something felt as though the relationship was one-sided, and actually beginning to work against me.

So, I decided that the person had no space in my life anymore.

It was a bloody hard decision. One I wrestled with, but I knew it was the right thing to do, my soul and heart knew, I just needed my emotions to catch up.

As hard as that situation was, I had to trust myself. I HAD to focus on why I made the choices I made, and why I know that in the relationship I had my back, and that was that.

Since then my eyes have opened. Opened to manipulation which I did not see before, Open to the truth of certain situations where I turned away.

My eyes are open, because I trusted myself.

and I am so grateful for myself, and those who supported me during that time, and continue too. It wasn’t easy, but I knew, it was essential. My inner compass was steering me in the right direction.

So can you think of a time where you allowed self trust to grow instead of self doubt?



2 thoughts on “CC: Trusting Ones Path”

  1. When I first read this post I felt sick to my stomach and couldn’t find it in myself to leave a message – a comment. Catching up in your blog this morning I ended up back at this entry and I now realise why I felt sick. I can be one of those people you have talked about in this entry. We all can – however most will never allow themselves the privilege to see beyond their own propaganda. I thank you – for humbling me with your truth. I thank you for believing in yourself. I thank you for taking the risks and for trusting a process that for the most is invisible! I thank you for being you.


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