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We always have power.

I have noticed recently that the themes of my posts tend to go in cycles, or is it more accurate to state that life is actually going in cycles?

See, the thing with my blogs is that they are me. The often (if not 100%) reflect something that I am facing in my life.

This blog is no different, in fact, my life recently has really opened my eyes to the cyclical nature of the world in general.

Lessons, teachings, learnings, whatever your terminology is, I have found that certain lessons continue to reappear until we finally come to terms with the true meanings behind them. Recently my eyes opened to a lesson that had been on repeat for awhile in a new way which clearly identified that I had not yet dealt with it, or rather not as well as I had thought.

See, I have a tendency to trust completely. Which, seems find in theory but in actuality is riddled with holes. Why? because people take advantage of situations, or I put myself into dangerous situations for wanting to see the best in people. In addition, by trusting others so completely my own trust in self is diminished. I once allowed others to dictate how I should behave. How I should look, walk, talk. What I should read, consume my time with or who I should be friends with.

Then I clicked. In a moment of clarity provided within a space which allowed me to explore these patterns I realised… in all of the situations where I later realised were not for my highest good, one thing consistently showed through. In those moments, I considered myself to be less than the other person. I allowed myself to be consumed by self-limited beliefs that not only would stop my growth, but send it backwards.

This all came to me during the moment of clarity. In that moment I had two choices, to allow this pattern to continue, or to acknowledge my own abilities, my own strengths and my truth to finally move past it.

I won’t say I am 100% over it yet, I still have self limiting beliefs, and I suspect that I always will to some extent, but I also know my own power.

So if I have learnt one thing over the last few weeks in particular, it is to acknowledge my own power, especially when faced with something that feels all to familiar.

We have power. We have an innate strength, power, and wisdom that comes from within during times where we question our own ability. We those self-limiting beliefs come into the picture, we have the power to get rid of them. When we question ourselves and our journey, we have the power to realign for our highest good.

When we are faced with people who attempt to create a position of authority over us. We have the power to turn away from them, as hard as that may be.

We have the ability to move forward, head held high, highest good on our side.

We have the power to live our life, our way.

Today it is time to remember that.





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