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Top Tips for Aligned Living

Aligned Living – such a broad concept really isnt it? A concept which for many will mean many different things. For me, aligned living is defined by more than values. Aligned living takes the values I hold dear, and translates them into actions, behaviours, and general life. The way I choose to live my life is either in alignment with my soul, or, as the case is sometimes, not.

What I have learnt over the last few years is that being in alignment is the key to success in all areas of life. For if you are living truly from your heart, unafraid of owning your journey and taking responsibility for yourself, your life has the potential to be amazing.

So, I decided to kick off this week with my top 3 tips for aligned living, the top three things that empower me daily to stay true to my story.

  • Celebrate the small wins.

Everyday we achieve something. Somedays it may be as simple as making it through the day without a nap, other days it could be securing the next opportunity. Regardless of the size of the achievement, celebrate it. In every day we can find things that make us happy, that allow us to appreciate the journey and our part within creating our environment. It is so important that we take time out to celebrate those things.

When we acknowledge our achievement, be it big or small, we are reminding ourselves of our potential. We are unlocking the next phase in the process, we are taking ownership for the wonderful opportunities we have succeeded in.

When we give ourselves the space to be appreciative of all we have achieved, we are being appreciative of ourselves. We are truly caring about our path. We are putting the emphasis on being happy, and we are creating more opportunity for further growth.

  • Be unapologetically truthful to you.

Much harder than celebrating the small stuff, we are challenged daily to remain truthful to our journey. Sometimes we find people who want to come down on us, prove us wrong or provide reasons why we are not truthful, in these moments it is crucial that you remain true to your journey.

You don’t have to be an ass about it. It isn’t about being rude, or cruel in order to remain truthful (it would be reasonably counter productive anyhow). It is about knowing that your actions match your feelings, your feelings mirror your soul.

All actions have consequences, sending a ripple effect out into the world faster than you can blink. Actions which are not for your highest good, which go against what values you hold important are actions which will in turn create negative or challenging situations for you.

Show your truth, for when you work from your highest good, honouring yourself, you honour the process of life, of interactions, of relationships. You allow the ripple effect which cascades into the world to be one of honesty, of love, of self-respect.

  • Allow opportunity to knock.

It is super easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of life. To be so consumed about the practicalities of the world, that we just keep going. While that instinct is not a bad thing, it is important to allow opportunities in.

Small, or big, opportunities for growth, for love, for peace, for balance, for calm, for whatever can arrive when we least expect them. Take for example a friend calls and invites you for coffee. You know you don’t have time, you have 50 million things to do, you have this, that and that other thing to get on with… BUT you would really love to meet with them.

So meet them.

Go and socialise, connect with another person. A seemingly small opportunity can be a big opportunity in disguise. A simple coffee is a moment of peace, some time out, a chance to reconnect and to connect.

An opportunity.

Allow them to come in. It isn’t about always saying yes, but wouldn’t you rather have it be your decision?

Aligned living in theory should be the easiest thing you ever do. Living in a way that aligns with your mind, body and soul. But for many it is the hardest thing. With the pressure of life, from friends and family, coworkers and so on, it can incredibly difficult to hear your voice. Aligned living ensures you are heard, more than that, it allows you to be the author of your story.

Go easy, go well.



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