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Coaching Challenge – Aligned Self-Talk

Following on from Mondays post… aligned living requires you to remain honest to your desires, needs, wants, hopes, dreams. More so, aligned living requires you to be honest about your journey.

It requires you to take ownership over your journey, and to empower yourself by making decisions for your highest good, that align with your story so far.

Your story and journey will change over time. Your interests, your choices, your dreams, your way of living will adapt as you continue to grow and learn. Perhaps one of the biggest potential setbacks to aligned living is around how we speak to ourselves.

Most of us are polite and kind to others. By nature we wish to see the best in others, and while they need to earn our trust and respect, we do allow them the opportunity to do so. I mean, shoot, many of us will give a couple of chances…

Let me ask you something, when you have made a mistake or made an error in judgement, are you kind, and polite to yourself. Do you give yourself another opportunity to right what was wrong?

I never used to.

I would come down on myself like a tonne of bricks and then some.

Negative, self-limiting talk would fill my days. There is that saying, treat others as though you wish to be treated… could you imagine if it was “Treat others as you treat yourself”…

What kind of world would that be? A would put my money on a pretty crappy one.

So today is about moving to shift some of the negative self-talk and replace it with positive, honest, truthful self-love. When I ask people, what is one quality you are thankful to have? Most people can provide one answer. Today your challenge is to identify two qualities AND include one example of why you are grateful for that quality.

BUT there is a catch. The examples need to be internal to you. Not, what that quality provides other people. For example if your quality is kind… how does that quality benefit you. Why are you thankful for it, (I don’t want to know that you being kind helps your friends…) I want to know the how that quality empowers you.

So, I decided to also give this a go…

I am thankful my determination, because it is that determination that has seen me achieve many things over my life so far. From education to work, to personal goals, that determination has helped to maintain and increase my motivation.

How about you?



1 thought on “Coaching Challenge – Aligned Self-Talk”

  1. Wonderful! Putting yourSELF on the list of your life will cause you/us to become more self-aware which can assist individuals when need be…to give themselves a break. #cutyourselfsomeslack #POMPOM #iCheer4you #selffirst

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