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Self Honouring

Last week I wrote about Aligned Living, and why it is one of the most important things to understand and implement into your life.

Self-Honouring is also extremely important in terms of supporting ones continued growth and journey. At the end of the day our journey is our own, it is is ours in entirety and often we lose sight of that. We can get caught up in the day to day chaos of everyday life, where we become consumed by this thing or that thing, or this person and that person. Where the needs of our own soul, and journey come secondary or more accurately last, to those around us.

One thing I have been thinking about a lot recently is the importance of this journey from a human perspective. As a person who likes to view things from a very holistic standpoint, I find myself often confronted with concepts of spiritualism that are counterintuitive to what I know.

We are told that spiritual beings behave in a specific way. Where we allow love and light to wash over us, where we allow spiritual bound practices to dominate our world in aim for higher understanding.

But, I don’t buy into that. Believe me, I used too. But, the more I live, the more I reflect and question my experiences to date, the more I realise that actually, I am here to have a human experience. I am here to add to the tapestry of my existence, and to do so, I have to honour my human process. Just as I honour my moments of joy, I need to honour my moments of sadness. Just as I love my moments of tranquility, I too have to honour my moments of chaos.

All moments shape who I am, and while some of them suck, I can learn from them. Sometimes, that lesson is actually just about grieving and letting go. Sometimes it is some profound thing. Sometimes it is about feeling.

Perhaps this was the hardest lesson to learn so far. That I am here. I am in the now, and that means I feel, I learn, I experience, and importantly, I honour my being.

Now, something else I have learnt is that the term “honour” results in a lot of different theories. For me, self-honouring is NOT about putting myself up on a pedestal of being amazing. It is not about stating that I am one source of information, that I know everything, that I have experienced so much that others to flock and honour my journey. Self-Honouring takes guts, and commitment and love. Self-Honouring is about being committed to my journey, and my needs. It isn’t about being selfish, but it is about being truthful.

It is about acknowledging that sometimes I need certain things. Sometimes I need to release things. Sometimes I need to be surrounded by friends, and sometimes I need quiet. Self-Honouring is about being okay, and honest with myself. Giving myself space and allowing myself to be in my now. To truly experience my world, just as it is.

Self-honouring is acknowledging that right now, in this moment, I am good. I have my back, and I have the courage to seek that which makes my soul learn, experience and importantly sing.



2 thoughts on “Self Honouring”

  1. I’m sitting here with tears close to spilling.
    What a beautiful affirmation to live life by, you are Jaime.

    You are both graceful, eloquent yet completely prepared and capable to give yourself permission to dig deep into the abyss of being human and to come out the other side more knowing, more wise, more intelligent for having allowed yourself the process. You come out the other side, more aligned in a truth that better resonates with where you’re at in the process of life.

    I admire your tenacity. Your strength. Your courage to delve deep and to question.

    You continue to inspire me.

    Mihi nui ki a koe!

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