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Coaching Challenge – Gratitude and Opportunity

Today’s challenge relates to the post from Monday. Gratitude and opportunities are two concepts that get bounced around a lot but few people embrace it to their full capacity. It takes effort, trust and faith in your own abilities. Your own power. So this week I’m setting a daily challenge. Each day you to consider… Continue reading Coaching Challenge – Gratitude and Opportunity

Alignment, Coaching Challenge, Empowerment, Reflection

Coaching Challenge – Self Honouring

Earlier this week I wrote about self-honouring. Today, I want to expand on the concept further, and take a moment to consider what does self-honouring look like? I talked earlier about the importance of self-honouring in relation to acknowledging ones journey. I suggested that self-honouring wasn't about being selfish, but acknowledging the truth of what… Continue reading Coaching Challenge – Self Honouring