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Coaching Challenge – Self Honouring

Earlier this week I wrote about self-honouring.

Today, I want to expand on the concept further, and take a moment to consider what does self-honouring look like?

I talked earlier about the importance of self-honouring in relation to acknowledging ones journey. I suggested that self-honouring wasn’t about being selfish, but acknowledging the truth of what you need in a moment, allowing you to be in your now.

So today, I want to explore your now, from a perspective of self-honouring.

At some stage this week I have two sets of questions for you to ponder. Do not put excessive stress on finding the answer, simply ponder them. For the answer will come clearly, when needed.

  1. What does self-honouring mean for you? Is it important? What does it look like? What benefit does it have for you? What disadvantages could it have? Do you believe self-honouring fits in with your story so far? Do you think it should? Do you make time to honour your journey? Do you hide from moments of reflection?
  2. What does self-honouring really look like for you? Can you think of examples where you have honouring your needs? Can you think of examples where you have put your needs over the needs of another? Can you think of examples where you owned it, truly feeling self-love and knowing your true self-worth? Are you prepared to do what it takes to honour your journey? Are you prepared to self-honour?

These questions are designed to encourage you to consider your journey to date, and your willingness and ability to put your needs first.

Remember it isn’t about being selfish and expecting everyone to put you first, but it is about acknowledging the bigger picture and ensuring you make yourself a priority in the chaos that is day to day life.





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