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Coaching Challenge: 5 Minutes

5 Minutes is all it takes to regroup, to calm, and begin the process of self-care.

Some days you will need longer than 5 minutes to fully feel at ease, other days you need 30 seconds.

But 5 minutes can help you commit to yourself.

This challenge is entirely for you. I won’t be pushing for comments or interactions over the next 4 days (I mean if you want to share then please do!), but rather asking you to really go within, to ground, to find that peace that you have experiences before, and to focus on you for 5 minutes each day.

Day 1: Read/Watch Something that makes your heart smile. From an article to a cat video, find some form of media today that makes you happy.

Day 2: Start with an Affirmation: Start your morning with an affirmation for your own growth, your own joy. Over the next few days a number of us will be so focused on what we are giving, from actual gifts to pure love that we will forget ourself. Don’t let that happen, start your day with a positive affirmation.

Day 3: Get Outside: Even if it is just to the letter box, while you are outside take note of the beauty that you are surrounded by.

Day 4: Remind yourself why you are awesome. What makes you great?
Above all, enjoy the next few days, stay present in the moment and remember that you are amazing, and you are worth it. Make yourself a priority in your own life.X




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