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Gratitude and Opportunity

I’m writing this post from a Auckland hotel, on a weekend away for the Ed Sheeran concert.

Bring here, after a great day taking in a few opportunities as they arose, and I was reminded of the importance of two thing.

1. Gratitude has the power to completely shift your mentality.

2. Taking opportunities when they arise can bring you amazing experiences.

Both of these things are not only great in the moment, but on an innate level they are imperative for your wellbeing.

Let me explain.

Starting with gratitude 🙏🏼. The ability to give gratitude for the major things in life for many of us is ingrained. We are told numerous times to say thank you, to give that’s for the different aspects of our life which make a huge impression on our journey.

What I have found, at least in my own history, is a tendency to dismiss the little gems 💎 life can throw at us. Over the last 5 years or so, a common theme has occurred to give gratitude for a set number of things each day, often 3 things.

The reason I love this concept is that we are forced to examine our experiences, even on a “bad”day, re-wiring our brains in some respects to see the sparkle of everything that is possible. Tonight as I sat at The Civic in Auckland, literally looking up at fairy lights set out as a night sky I was reminded that a sparkle is small but powerful, and that all moments of gratitude, even those which are small bring huge power with them.

More than that, allowing your soul to feel the power of gratitude roll through your body, has the ability to bring your being into alignment with that feeling.

After all, gratitude is no small feat, to truly feel it, to truly allow it in, to bring your being into alignment of gratitude requires you to shift your mindset into one which allows it to feel powerful. I mean consider, if like attracts like, then it makes sense to allow the full power of gratitude in, you must allow yourself to feel that true power within, the love, the immensity of you.

And what these small moments of gratitude can bring you, is more opportunity for reflection, for gratitude and importantly opportunities to be all that you are. Much like gratitude, that in itself is a huge thing. Allowing and accepting opportunities into your life requires more than allowing the opportunity itself. It requires you to allow the possible outcomes of those opportunities, which, lets be honest can be even scarier. Fear of the unknown can stop momentum in its tracks, fear of the multiple different possibilities can result in full halts to the process of the immense power of within.

To allow opportunities, like gratitude, requires you to acknowledge the immense power of yourself, your ability to craft your own story, to highlight things or importance and to move on from those which do not support you.

Gratitude and opportunity are hand in hand perfect examples of owning your process.

The question is…

Are you ready and willing to accept your power?



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