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Taking My Power Back… From Myself

I have spoken a lot recently about the importance of owning your power, using it, and harnessing it to help you create the reality in which you thrive, not hide. Today I want to continue that discussion, and explore the concept of taking your power back... from yourself. See, I am a firm believer in… Continue reading Taking My Power Back… From Myself

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Making Yourself a Priority

Stress, pain, resent, fear, hate, have you felt any of these lately, in direct reference to yourself? As harsh as they emotional responses can feel, they can often be the more prevalent ones in our day to day life... in my experience, the key reason has nothing to do with the past, nothing to do… Continue reading Making Yourself a Priority

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Coaching Challenge It’s about ripples…

Ripples... This weeks challenge is to acknowledge the ripples of your life, using them to give gratitude for opportunities been, and to create future opportunities. Pick a day this week and your task is simple. 1. Consider the opportunities hat my arise over the next 24 hours. Regardless of how big or small they seem.… Continue reading Coaching Challenge It’s about ripples…