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Making Yourself a Priority

Stress, pain, resent, fear, hate, have you felt any of these lately, in direct reference to yourself? As harsh as they emotional responses can feel, they can often be the more prevalent ones in our day to day life… in my experience, the key reason has nothing to do with the past, nothing to do with the future, but rather the now and the importance we place on our own happiness…

Happiness is a funny thing. It is something that can only be gained internally, affected by almost everything externally, and we try to give it away, almost daily. Many of us work our butts off to make others happy, as though we can give it away… then one day… we burn out. The happiness we gave away has been used, and not returned, so we are left depleted, hurting and unsure where we went wrong. So we pick ourselves us, we find some happiness (often using external sources), and start again… giving it away to the first frown we see.

The thing is, that at least I have come to realise, is that our happiness is ours. We own it. We own the process of fostering it. We own the process of giving it away, and even when someone gives us theirs, it does stay, because external happiness doesn’t truly belong to us. Happiness comes from within. It is a process of living in alignment with our true purpose, that knowing what we are doing is right for us, happiness is developed, grown and nurtured to in turn nurture us on our journey.

Yet, we continue to make everyone a priority. We go to bed last in favour to helping others, we give and give and give, and let’s be honest, even if we are not helping someone else, we still find other ways to use our resources that give them away, rarely do we give them to ourselves… so we work and we work and we work for what… to be depleted.

Until we stand up and make ourselves a priority.

Let’s get one thing really clear. Making yourself a priority does not mean you love your friends and family any less. By giving back to yourself, does not mean you give to other any less, by making yourself a priority does not mean you no longer care for others.

What it does mean:

  • You are developing yourself.
  • You are growing yourself.
  • You are living a life that aligns.
  • You are focused on your now.
  • You are living in the moment.
  • You are honouring your journey.
  • You are honouring yourself.

And in honouring yourself you are honouring those who chose to be around you. You are not depleting them, far from it.

The more you give yourself, the more you can give to others.

The more you give yourself, the more your now will shine.

Make yourself a priority in your own life… no one else can live it just like you can.





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