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I am Truth

Sometimes you just need one of those days…

You know the ones I’m talking about, where you sit down and talk shit, you drink coffee, eat food and just chill the f out for a minute.

You wanna know something…

That does not make you less than.

It does not mean you are a bad person.

It does not make you unmotivated.

What it means is you allow the ebbs and flow of life to dictate your tone and style for a day. It means you listen to your own needs and follow your own desires.

When was the last time you unapologetically took time out for you? When you allowed your self the space and time to be human?

When did our sense of worth be defined by being busy and productive and ambitious and this and that and the other thing plus these things…

Today I chilled out. I didn’t stress. I moaned and moved on. I focused on me.

And it was well worth it.

Perfection is false. It’s a lie. It’s a formulated notion that my nature makes us feel less than.

And I’m not interested in being less than. F*** that!

I am interested in being me. In listening to myself and doing what my heart and soul need. I’m not interested in being selfish, pig headed or immature.

I’m interested in letting go and allowing myself to listen to myself.

I’m interested in being the best version of myself in any given moment.

Today I wanted to share a few reminders that I have told myself over the years in relation to letting go…

1. there is no right or wrong way to move on. Sometimes you need to hold on to fully understand why you feel the way you do about a situation. It does not make you less than, for many it’s a process which allows healing to begin.

2. I am a damn adult and I am able to make the best decisions for myself.

3. I am more than a moment. Having a lazy day does not make me lazy.

4. I am entitled to feel how I feel.

5. I am allowed to share my feelings constructively and I have a right to be heard.

6. I don’t have to agree with everyone.

7. I don’t have to be friends with everyone.

8. I am immensely proud of my journey so far and I am allowed to acknowledge that.

9. I am brilliant.

10. I am allowed to take time out for me.

11. I am allowed to want alone time.

12. I am allowed to be who I am without having to explain or justify my decisions.

13. I am freaking fabulous just as I am. Am I perfect? No. Because I am truth, not a lie.

14. I don’t have to be a life expert to be happy. I have to be me.

15. I do not have to hide myself behind everyone’s expectation of who I am.

16. The only person who I have to vibe with and align with is myself.

I do not need to search for perfection. For I am just as I should be.

Crazy and chaotic, sleepy and lazy, stubborn, kind, simple, complicated.

I am my truth, and no one else by me can define me.



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