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Taking My Power Back… From Myself

I have spoken a lot recently about the importance of owning your power, using it, and harnessing it to help you create the reality in which you thrive, not hide. Today I want to continue that discussion, and explore the concept of taking your power back… from yourself.

See, I am a firm believer in the duality of life. Night and day, black and white, up and down, as above and so below, light and dark… brightness and shadows. I also believe that within all of us is a brightness that cannot be dimmed at it’s core, I too believe in the innate shadows that one has within. The balancing act that we dance every single day is huge. In fact huge, does not event begin to describe the very vastness of our acts. We have difference hats, faces, agenda’s depending on who we are with, and what role we play in that part of our life.

We all do it. Whether we agree with it or not, whether we shy away from it or not, everyone selects how much of their truth they show based on situations, environments and/or people. I don’t think it is a necessarily a bad thing, or a good thing, simple I believe it is a thing. A thing which creates a fraction within our soul, a thing where we know that the balance of who we are and what we show must be delicately managed as to ensure our own wellbeing is the top priority, and is in alignment.

But we all know that doesn’t always happen. For one reason or another the shadow casts a little further, or the brightens highlights a little too much, and in those moments, we give our power to part of ourself, but not our entire self. For me, this is where my anxiety kicks in. Don’t get me wrong, I am not anxious about feeling pulled in multiple directions, or being unbalanced in the duality of life. I am anxious about everything else. Everything and anything can randomly spur the anxiety into overdrive. My anxiety manifests in stress and worry. Every possible what if comes into my head, situations from the past come back over and over again, I worry about if I locked the car, turned the oven off, I worry about friendships which have since past, and situations which haven’t even occurred.

But, I never really worry about being balanced. See that’s the tricky thing about being human. When we give our power to one aspect of ourselves, we are pretty damn reluctant to balance it back, so be damned if I am going to make myself aware of it. So the cycle continues, always shifting, but ever present.

So why am I writing this? Why am I putting one aspect of my journey out there for all to see?

Because I believe it is important. It is important we share our stories, that we share our journey.

It is important that our truth can be seen. The fact that no one is perfect in their entire being is important to see, to experience and to own.

I am not perfect, I struggle from time to time. But also, that is one of my greatest strengths, because I can hear the truth and struggle in others. I can acknowledge the journey one is going through, and not attempt to fix it for them.

I can acknowledge the duality that is in all of us.

I believe if we all had that skill, we would be in a far better position to accept our truth and the truth of others, for in honoring the duality in another, creates space for us to honor the duality within.

And perhaps that is the most important thing of all.



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