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Coaching Challenge Being Kind

The last couple of weeks have been intense if my blog posts have been anything to go by. Power struggles, trust and a multitude of other challenges have left me feeling somewhat depleted. The energy it has taken to keep up with everything has been immense, and I am now, more than ever aware of the importance of self care.

But self-care extends beyond just 5 minutes (although that is a good place to start). It extends to a lifestyle and mindset, where you come to terms with the fact that you are worthy. You are enough. You are strong, immense, independent, fierce and many other things.

Saying that is one thing, believing it is another. So this weeks challenge is a small step towards that mindset… a love letter.

This week, over the course of the week, take time to write yourself a love letter. From you to you, express all the ways in which you love yourself. If that’s hard, express the way in which you have shown qualities you admire.

This week, tell yourself how you feel… with one purpose… to be kind.

Self-love and self-care like everything else doesn’t just magically happen over night. But small purpose driven steps will sure help along the way.

Just over the Facebook Group (Zoetic Dawn Inner Circle) or Page (@ZoeticDawnCoaching) and let me know how you get on.

Be kind.





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