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Intuition… more than a gut feeling?

Everyday we make many decisions, some major, some seem insignificant, but with every decision we make we employ a set of tools to support us in that process.

I am a firm believer of the power of our intuition. Our truth, is that deep within, we are always our best source of guidance, regardless of the topic.

There are a multitude of different themes within our lives. From time to time we come across people who guide us, who create space for us to explore our various aspects of us. From time to time we walk the journey alone, process and working on things, keeping that which resonates and releasing that which does not.

But what remains with us throughout our lifetime is our intuition. It goes by many names (as many of you know I am a fan of “Inner Compass”). Gut feeling, intuition, connection with self. Regardless of the name, the purpose remains true, the thing that comes from within, that guides us throughout our life. It is my believe that the Inner Compass is something which we carry with us always, and that inner compass is our truest guide to ourselves. It is our direct connection between us as a human being and us as a soul. Almost acting like a direct line to our higher self.

So I wanted to share a few things I have learned about my own inner compass.

1. even if I can’t feel it, it is always there, for it is part of me, not a seperate thing.

2. My inner compass is constantly giving me feedback, it’s my choice to listen or not.

3. My inner compass has my back. Always.

4. My inner compass sends messages in many ways. I am slowly beginning to learn these.

5. My inner compass never judges.

6. My best bullshit detector is my inner compass.

7. My inner compass allows me to feel the connection to my true self.

8. My inner compass gives me peace, calm and unconditional love.

9. My inner compass isn’t swayed by the opinion of others, rather allows me to find my voice.

10. I wouldn’t be who I am without it.

In essence my inner compass reminds me of my innate strength, my innate being.

Despite what is going on around me, I know, I have my own back.



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