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Coaching Challenge Inner Compass Connection

On Monday I wrote down all the reasons I think my Inner Compass is important.

See my hope was, somewhere in my rambling, those who need it, would find a moment which resonates. A moment where the penny drops so to speak and the reader would be reminded of their own innate strength.

Then I figured… why not create a coaching Challenge to help? I mean coaching challenges are designed to support you to step outsize your comfort zone if only for a moment… see those moments are where we grow, when what’s outside our comfort zone comes in, creating growth.

So today’s challenge is about that comfort zone, and following our inner compass to find it.

What is something you have been wanting to do for awhile?

Something that keeps popping up, that keeps presenting itself to you?

Something your inner compass keeps putting in front of you?

Buuuut perhaps you turn away from it because of a multitude of reasons… perhaps out of fear… the unknown… time… whatever it may be…

Well your challenge this week is to take a step to do it.

It might be signing up for a new course.

Meeting a friend.

Creating art.

Whatever it is, let your inner compass guide you to something new…

Have an adventure.



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