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Making Creative Spaces

What is the first thing you think of when someone says the word “Creative”. When I was younger the word use to fill me with dread. Dread that I would be expected to craft some hugely creative, amazing innovative thing. Suddenly a word, seemed like to much hard work… excuses seems to flow much easier.

I have discussed before the importance of words, and how words, depending on our own experiences of those words have the ability to fill us with dread, with excitement, with a multitude of emotions.

So what happened?

I decided to change the way I viewed the word creative. I decided it was time to redefine creative and take the power back. After all, it is “just a word” isn’t it? It is up to me how I react to it.

Creative for me, means expression. Expression something in someway. No limits, no definitions, simply the space to express. So now, a word I was once petrified of, is perhaps one of the most empowering words I can think of. It also signals one of the most empowering activities for my own journey.

Making creative spaces, in my world, refers to making a conscious effort to clear space, and create an environment (be it physical or in my mind), that allows me to explore and express. See, for me, expression allows opportunities for so many different things:

  • Creativity In taking time to create space for to express, we give ourselves permission to be as wild as we can. We get to express ourselves in a way which fosters truth, and fosters possibilities. Within those possibilities we give ourselves permission to enhance our own sense of creativity, expanding our own view as we go.
  • Clarity In creating the space to express, we create the space to explore. In creating the space to explore, we may also find moments of clarity which radiate from us. You know those moments where we sit back and think “huh, guess I knew that all along…”, or those “why didn’t I see that earlier?”. Space to express allows us to work through whatever it might be and perhaps find that gem of clarity in the middle of it all.
  • Opportunities When we allow ourselves to explore who we are, when we feel safe to express something in the way which aligns with us best, we can begin to explore all that we could be. In those moments of expression, we may uncover an old dream, we are creating the space for opportunity to highlight itself.
  • Healing Perhaps the most important element of making a creative space there is, in creating space for one to express, healing can begin. More so, self-driven, self-guided healing can be unlocked, with reduced fear, and a strong conviction in ones sense of self.

Now don’t get me wrong, creating the space for expression isn’t always easy. In fact sometimes it can be incredibly challenging, but the key to all expression is that, in actual fact, there is no right or wrong way to do it. Expressive space one day, is not what expressive space looks like the next. One day you may craft an object, paint a picture or something in between, the next you meditate creating space for your mind to express and create your future, your way. With no right or wrong, the options are endless. Often, in my experience, starting is the hardest part.

In Practice So what does this lovely theory look like in practice? Well that is up to you.

  • Today, creative space looks like blog writing.
  • Yesterday, it looked like having quality time with miss 4.
  • Last week, it looked like drawing.
  • Last month, it looked like connections with friends.

Making creative spaces, in my world, is about creating space for me to express whatever is going on in my world, in however that needs to come across.

Challenge So today, I challenge you to find your creative expressive outlet. To begin crafting a space where you feel free to express, be it a physical spot, a meditative process or a evening of laughter.


Express, Create, Dream… you never know what you will create while you are expressing ❤


With Love,

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