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Finding Time For Laughter

Sometimes, the way we release pressure build up within the body is through a physical representation of how we are feeling. The deep sigh, the short breath out, the art of active breathing.

Our body often has our back, providing us with a way to release the physical tension that we accumulate throughout the day/week/month. That tension, when not released, at least in my world, is the perfect breeding ground for physical challenges to arise. The sore neck, the tense back, the restless legs. The list is endless.

Throughout time, there have been records of the importance of laughter on our system. The physical benefits of laughter, the emotional impact laughter can have in a positive way, the innate truth, that laughter is the best medicine for many things.

But, what I have found in my time anyway, is that it has to been true laughter. Hopefully you know what I am talking about through experience. When the laughter comes from deep within your belly, where you let go of all the stress of the day and you just allow yourself to release it all through joy, and laughter.

I mean get it, those odd moments where everything has gone wrong, and yet all you can do is laugh. It is those moments, where laughter brings forth the best medicine, our mind, body and souls way of healing from within, if only for a short time.

That’s why making time for true laughter is important. It is so easy to get swept up in the noise of life, that we forget this simple yet effective tool to support our own sense of balance. Laughter is not just about making noise for the sake of it. Laughter in my world is about so much more including:

  • Physical release of tension. As already discussed, laughter allows your body to release physical tension which has built up. As the energy shifts around your body, moving and releasing as it goes. Your belly moving with each breath with each noise, and allowing the vibrational energy of laughter to dance through your body, bringing it along for the ride.
  • Gratitude through vibrational shift. I am sure, even if you are not someone who particularly aligns with vibrational theories, many have experienced the physical feeling of being happy, unhappy or somewhere in between. For myself, when I am in a mood – making time to laugh and shift the vibration from flat to heightened positively, can make all the difference in feeling true gratitude and joy for my environment and wellbeing. Gratitude can bring forward a number of positive emotions, and laughter, true belly laughter can support gratitude by creating the heightened vibrational shift.
  • Plain old fun. I don’t know about you, but I love to laugh (resisting the urge to break out into song at this point), long and loud and clear… okay moving on.

The challenge for me, isn’t so much about the benefits of laughing, but rather creating space to allow that laughter to come through, organically, naturally and truthfully. The thing is, creating space for laughter, not only allows the space for laughter, but also sends strong message to ones self of worthiness of joy, of love, of laughter. The act of creating space alone supports one to become more mindful of their needs and situations. Thereby encouraging a stronger practice of self care, beneficial beyond the immediate practice of laughter.


Because like many emotions, laughter isn’t just about laughter.


Challenge My challenge for you today is to make time for laughter. To actively make time and space for true experiences with laughter, joy and an increase of self worth and self love in its purest form… from within.


With Love



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