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Soul or Human

I wrote this entry over a year ago when I was trying to work out the beauty of balance. Today I stumbled across it again and my words from then seem just as relevant today.

Some days it feels like being a human can be hard. You know, we have a lot to content with between emotions, and lessons, and just plain staying alive, being a human certainly has its challenges. But ya know what, so does spirituality.

Since I started on my journey I have been looking for ways to be spiritual. To embed spiritual practices into my daily life, giving me the tools to combat the human and just be.

Let me tell you there are a lot of practices out there, and I have only just begun to scratch the surface. Meditation, mindfulness, smudgeing, this crystal for this thing, but don’t forget to cleanse them in the moonlights. Affirmations, prayers, God, spirit, soul and everything in between, the journey to a becoming a spiritual being is not paved and easy. Just like being human, and focusing on human can be challenging, attempting to lead a complete spiritual existence is also hard.

So you know that feeling when you get completely overwhelmed, where you have a to do list a mile long so you decide to take a nap instead? If you don’t know this feeling then I envy you. This is a particular problem where I want to help and do everything, but what do I do? I end up with too much to do so decide to do none of it! Well I had that moment today. Instead of preparing for my day at work tomorrow I baked, and I loved it, and feel so much better, more centered and grounded than before. All without formal mediation, formal process and rituals.

Which got me thinking about how hard it is to soul, and how it is just as hard to human. Living entirely focusing on one just doesn’t work. Being only soul focussed sees your incarnation suffer, with little human growth, repeating lessons and other problems arise.

So my ramble so far brings me to my point. There isn’t a right or a wrong way to be a spiritual person, and it isn’t even about being more spiritual than human the majority of the time, the question centres around balance.

How do I, Balance my soul and my human for my highest good. Not only the highest good of my soul, but the highest good of my incarnation? How do I incorporate spiritualness into my every day existence without neglecting my human? How do I ensure that I am acting for my highest good in both?

To be honest, I don’t think that there is an easy answer. Rather it’s about going without and finding out more and more about myself. If I can get to know my soul and my human, then I will be able to feel when one is out of kilter. It’s about trial and error, choosing what resonates with me, and releasing that which doesn’t. I am not a ritual person, it also is hard for me to get into a habit like meditation consistently. But what I can do is let my soul human for a while, and let my human soul for a while. Working in harmony for my highest good, and adjusting when I feel like I am not.

Balance, a delicate act, a necessary act, and a journey which is ever changing, developing and realigning to a new balance. Every day my balance is different, and every day I learn more about my balance to align in the future. Baby steps, one action at a time, be it human or soul.



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