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Silence – golden or threatening?

Silence is something that is quite intimidating to a lot of people. The idea of sitting in silence can fill people with dread, fear, anxiety. It can make people shift uncomfortably in their seats, unsure of what to say, or do, effectively making them in that moment question everything about themselves.

The absence of sound can have a profound effect indeed. For some, like myself, silence can bring moments of peace, of clarity and calm. Yet other times the complete opposite occurs.

But in my world silence is important and like most things, the way we perceive something often is dependent on what else is going on with us at the time.

So I wanted to take some time out, as I sit here in silence and consider why I feel silence is an crucial aspect of my own journey.

1. Silence allows me to check it with myself. Like I said, silence can be golden, or chaotic in my world. How I react to silence, how comfortable I am in that moment, how eager I am to stay there or find the loudest music I can, is often the first indicator of how I am feeling. Like a barometer, silence allows me to use it as a tool to check in. To feel the immensity of that moment and to address it, whichever way it goes.

2. Silence brings clarity. So in that moment, be it a stress or calm response, silence gives me the opportunity to check in, but also to acknowledge whatever it is I have going on for me. In that acknowledgement I often find clarity, either by the feeling of comfort, or discomfort. If my thoughts are chaos, if I’m running from one thing to the next on my mind and cannot settle the nerves that continue to unfold, silence allows my brain to spaz out (for lack of a better term), and then address it. Almost like allowing my brain to run out of energy, to settle and reset.

3. Silence provides me with a breather. Even when I’m stressed to the hills, chaotic both externally and internally, for me a quick moment of silence is incredibly empowering because it brings me inwards, back to me, back to my desires, my focus and my dreams.

4. Silence acts as a reset button. As I said, the check in, the breath, the acknowledgement all act as a way for me to reset my brain. Allowing me to release the moment and move on.

Silence at the end of the day is the absence of sound. Perhaps that’s why for many of us it is confronting. The absence of anything, has the ability to create a feeling of lack, a feeling of lack creates a feeling on unease, and unease continues to build. But the way I look at it, the absence of sound, creates the space for the entrance of another sense to kick in, another opportunity to enhance another sense, to explore another environment.

So next time you have the opportunity to sit in the absence of sound, ask yourself is it deafening or can you use it as a tool to enhance another sense?



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