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The Art of Perfecting Balance

For many years I believed Balance was an art. I believed that balance was some end point, when I had my life together that I was totally at ease, calm, and collected. Where everything would come together, and I could kick my feet up and relax…

Oh, how wrong I was.

What I am sure of…

Balance is an illusion.

In my world, as I now have come to understand it, is that the construct of balance, and the way in which one perceives it has more to do with mind-set than it does actually being a defined, measureable thing. For me, when I cannot measure something in a way that provides meaning to my world, then it becomes something which is unachievable, or perhaps more accurately, something that I don’t hold much value in. For if I cannot define the desired outcome, I never truly know what I working towards in the first place.

Balance also seems to be an area that I have worked with a number of people on. Specifically taking a preconceived idea of balance, and shifting it too refocus and redefine the term itself. Then taking that term and applying it, in a meaningful way into their world.

Providing the space for ownership of the word balance to occur.

Because with something so individualised, a generic term for balance doesn’t provide meaning, just another construct for one to aimlessly and senselessly attempt to achieve.

We continue to attempt to achieve something provided by someone else. Attempting to achieve someone else standard.

The true power of balance comes when we own the word, and make sense of it in relation to our own experiences.

The true power comes when we allow our own experiences to be those which create our own definition.

The true power comes from within.

Balance is a construct, that unless we define it, we give it purpose, we own it, provides no value to our life, rather creates chaos and self-doubt.

So, I decided to take my experiences so far and create a single module programme, The Art of Perfecting Balance.

You can find more out about it here.




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